Mayor, Deputy Mayor extend greetings to Christians on Easter

Easter greetings to Pakistani Christian

HYDERABAD: Mayor of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Syed Tayyab Hussain and deputy mayor Syed Sohail Mashhadi have extended greeting to Christian community including Christian workers of HMC on the occasion of their Easter festivity. In a congratulatory message both city mayor and deputy mayor have said that role of Christian community from creation of Pakistan to country’s advancement and development has been praiseworthy. They said it was disheartening that Easter this year has come on the time when whole world was taken in pandemic coronavirus. They hoped that our Christian brethren will surely offer prayers in their worship houses for deliverance of humanity all around world including Pakistanis from the present coronavirus disaster.

Bothe Mayor and deputy Mayor also held a meeting with Bishop Kaleem John and priest Fayyaz Daneil and after offering greetings to them asked them to pray to save  Pakistan and its people from coronavirus pandemic.


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