Philanthropists distributed relief goods among mechanics at motor workshops

Philanthropists distributed relief goods among mechanics at motor workshops

CHITRAL: Corona epidemic has not only infected the entire world but due to this deadly virus working class on the basis of a daily wage has been badly affected by the Lockdown. These people live in their homes because of the locksmiths, often because of their lack of wages, their house stove does not burn. The government has also claimed that such people will be helped, but often the affected people are left and the influential people get this relief.

Some of the leading gentlemen and businesses men have also come out to support this backward class. General Petroleum, a Mobline business company in the country, distributed relief goods to poor motor mechanics working in Drosh and Chitral  motor workshops  who working daily chores.

General Petroleum Representative Irshad Ahmed said that mechanics have been locked up for a long time because of Lockdown, and most of them work with owners of workshops who burn their house stoves on a daily wage, because of the closure. The house stove does not burn. So keeping in view the poor and the entitled, our organization has sent relief goods to over 300 households, including flour, lentils, sugar, rice, etc. He says that although this stuff is not enough, it is a start and I appeal to other businesses community to come out and help those needed people during this time of trouble.

“We did a survey a week ago for this purpose and write down the names of those who are truly deserving so that this aid does not go into the wrong hands and those who are good at it will not get it,” Jawed Ahmed said. Names of people who are entitled to zakat or who are really entitled, their names were chosen and the goods were then delivered to them.

Bilal, a poor laborer who works in the workshop, said that we were locked up in homes because of the lock-downs and because of lack of business and wages, we had reached the starvation now for a few days. The stove will be lit in the houses too and our children will breathe Sikh due to this relief goods.

The poor moto mechanics working in the mechanics and the pupils and laborers who worked on their daily wages thanked General Petroleum for remembering and helping them during this time of trouble.


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