Soharwardy demands package for marriage halls

Hyderabad map

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad marriage halls and lawns president Jamal Arif Soharwardy has demanded from government to grand package of marriage halls and lawns of city and also demanded that 32 marriage halls were closed down obliging  lockdown by government and their staff and their families were undergoing starvation as they have not been provided with ration by authorities.

Jamal Arif Soharwardy asked government to provided families of marriage hall workers with ration. He said that the marriage halls and lawns have status of small industries as such government must announce package for them. He said as they have been extending cooperation with government in such a situation he demanded from administration to exempt rent from those marriage halls who were on hired on rent.

Later at a meeting of marriage halls and lawns owners president of association Jamal Arif Sohrwardy appointed Rahim Naghar as senior vice president and Pervez Ahmed, Muhammad Akram, Hamid Shaikh and Muhammad Aqib as vice presidents of association.


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