Coronavirus also caused economic crisis along with human health: City Mayor

Syed Tayyab Hussain

HYDERABAD: City Mayor Syed Tayyab Hussain has said coronavirus has not only affected badly human health but also caused economic crisis the world over.

He was talking during the distribution of the ration program by Selani welfare trust at Nazir Hussain flyover at Latifabad Thursday. On this occasion Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad Fawad Soomro, Assistant Commissioner Latifaad Faraz Siddiqui, Salani Welfare Trust in-charge, and others were present.

Hyderabad Mayor Syed Tayyab Hussain said coronavirus while affecting adversely human health including loss of human lives in thousands it has also caused economic crisis due to which livelihood of millions of daily wage earners, industrial and other workers were suffering miseries to getting two square meals for their families.

Syed Tayyab Hussain said being humans it was responsibility but moral values of all of us to provide help to downtrodden poor and needy. He hailed aid work of Selani trust and its chief Bashir Farooqui and his team. He said without the advent of pandemic HMC had sprayed all streets and roads even jails, schools and other buildings with sodium hydrochloride to keep the city safe from infection of coronavirus, he added. He said even today the liquid band spray of the city continues with the cooperation of Selani welfare trust.


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