Waxing on ball will be a crazy idea, says India-origin expert


Dr. Rabindra D. Mehta, an India-origin Sports Aerodynamics Consultant, who, in 1980 used to open the bowling with Imran Khan for the Royal Grammar School in Worcester, has rubbished the idea of using wax on cricket balls. 

Kookaburra ball manufacturers in Australia have come out with the idea of applying wax as an option for saliva. 

Speaking exclusively over telephone from USA, where he lives now, says, “it is funny how such weird times bring out such crazy ideas!”

“If, and that is a big “IF,” the MCC approves such a process, there is no doubt that this will help swing bowlers obtain conventional and contrast swing, especially on the sub-continent where the dry conditions tend to wear out the ball rather quickly. Note that you do NOT need a smooth surface for pure reverse swing!”


“Also, I am not sure about this “unique wax formula.” There are many oily/waxy substances that will do the job …this is more of a marketing ploy!”.  
On a lighter note, he also added, “If this (wax) is approved, the MCC should hand out bits of sandpaper so that the bowlers can rough up one side
right from the start ….. with one side rough and the other smooth (throughout the life of the ball), the bowler will be able to produce conventional, reverse and contrast swing at will”. 
“My personal opinion is that this will never be approved, especially after all the fuss that was made over ball-tampering”, he concluded. 


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