Infor Launches Infor Workforce Management Express Program in China to Help Companies Tackle Business Continuity Challenge and Aid Recovery

Pre-configured, easy-to-use intelligent-scheduling tool aims to help enterprises better manage workforce resources and business agility in this pandemic


BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach – 19 May 2020 – Infor, a global leader in
business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced the launch of  a special promotion program in China to help companies
be operationally agile and ease the ‘back-to-work’ phase as companies gradually
re-open.  The specially pre-configured Infor Work Force Management (WFM) solution is a powerful express
tool for workforce management with Intelligent scheduling that makes it easier
for enterprises to re-open their business strategically.


The COVID-19 pandemic has generated
both demand and supply shockwaves that reverberate across the global economy,
given the coordinated lockdown of factory and production sites. The priority
now is to resume business operations in a safe environment for both employees
and customers.  Organizations, especially those with
large workforces, are reviewing the options available to better manage and
utilize their employees during this period. Actions that could be taken include
changing working arrangements, adjusting employee roles, etc., and more
importantly, keeping employee initiatives in line with business objectives. The
key to meet this challenge requires a professional
plug-and-play solution that helps ensure appropriately-skilled employees are matched
quickly to variable workload demands in these times –at an optimal cost to the


The Infor WFM express solution can
help organizations provide
efficient and effective staff scheduling procedures and provide ongoing
workforce utilization efficiencies during an evolving pandemic. With Infor WFM, enterprises can build multiple hierarchies
of team structure to meet requirements through its strong rule-setting and data-separation
capabilities. In addition, the Infor WFM
shift workbench is embedded with multiple predefined shifts, providing human
resource function with a simple and unified management tool.


When enabled, not only will Infor WFM allocate and manage company
resources effectively, but also provide a better working experience for employees.
Infor WFM is embedded with Rule Engine, which
allows daily operations to meet labour law
regulations on Full Time/Non-Full Time allowable working hours, ensuring corporate
compliance. It can also push out schedules into mobile devices and enable self-shift
trading, improving the way we work and improving employee engagement.


“As a business cloud software
company that’s committed to the China market in the long run, Infor recognizes
now – more than ever – the need in the industry for smart and agile work tools
to help companies return to work with confidence and efficiently,” said Chong
Lu, Director, Business Consulting, Infor Great China and Korea. “Infor WFM, pre-configured by Infor
development professionals and consultants, provides an intelligent scheduling
tool to empower our customers to resume their businesses. With quick and simple
implementation, this tool is available for immediate use after the order is
placed. We expect these new capabilities to enable shift-based workforces to
run more effective operations during these rapidly-changing times.”


Media Contact:

Phyllis Tan

Infor Asia Pacific Japan

+65 97999133

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