C&W department utilized 17 M M&R fund for repair and maintenance of several schemes

Chitral roads repair and maintenance

CHITRAL: Communications and Works (C&W) department has spent first time tendered its annual Maintenance & Repair fund Rs 17 million and started various repair works.

The road near Angar Ghoon, Garm Chashma Road had slipped towards the river which was very dangerous. There is a regular concrete protection wall being built along the river to prevent it from falling again and again.

Similarly, roadside drains and retaining walls were constructed in different areas of Chitral Town so that the road would not be damaged due to water.

The area near Burns was badly damaged by water flowing down the road from the mountains. A protection wall is being built toward the rain nulla, but some contractors are also violating work orders issued by the department.

Locals say the contractor shows the mixer machine at the time of the tender, but in practice most mixers machines not working and they stand faulty machines only as a show piece. As a result the quality of the work became substandard because no cement work is allowed in any government job without a mixer machine but these contractors mix cement and gravel by hand instead of mixer machine to save money

Our correspondent brought this issue in to the notice of the Executive Engineer of the C&W  Department, who assured  that he would stop work of those  contractors who work without a mix machine.

The C&W department also repaired the Private suspension Bridge, which had damaged passersby were facing great hardships.

Social and political circle of Chitral   hailed the Department of Communications and works who utilized their M&R fund n 30 years history, instead of depositing (lapse). They spent the fund   on maintenance of different retaining and protection wall on road sides toward river, drains and concrete work on streets and roads in several villages. As result ratio of accident will decreased and thus properties and lives of people will be saved.


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