Dettol wins the Outstanding Community Service in Personal Hygiene of Health Partnership Award 2020 in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach
– 10 August 2020 – RB Hong Kong is proud to
announce Dettol received the Health Partnership Award 2020 that
recognized our contribution to Outstanding Community Service in Personal
Hygiene under the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Health
Partnership Award is themed “Be your healthiest self”, aims to raise people
awareness of lifelong health and wellness, which perfectly connects with
Dettol’s brand mission.  

Throughout the years, RB exists to protect, heal and nurture in the
relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world, and to help people making
access to the highest quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment a right and not
a privilege. In line with such purpose, Dettol, one of RB’s leading brands in
Hong Kong not only strives to provide trusted and a variety of products for
personal and family health and hygiene but put ourselves accountable for
education for the community at large.


Dettol understands that children’s immunity systems are not yet
well-established. Washing hands is one of the most effective means to prevent
germ transmission. Aligned with its brand purpose, Dettol launched the flagship
educational program, Dettol Health Academy helping Hong Kong kids to develop simple but
critical handwashing habit, enabling them to prevent germ transmission
in their growing-up journey and thus, inspiring their parents on family hygiene
and in turn contributing to a healthier community. Dettol Health Academy also
embraced digital development and extended its life-engagement to teach
kindergarten students in a fun and easily accessible way. Previously, the program went
out from classrooms and set up a mobile germ testing station on a school bus to
visualize hand washing steps, bringing a new learning experience to the
students. Such new education format was endorsed by the Chinese University of
Hong Kong and Save The Children.

Since its launch in 2011, Dettol Health Academy has been
receiving positive recognition from different stakeholders. Over 90% of
interviewed parents agreed the program helped improving children’s
understanding of personal hygiene [1] . Until 2019, Dettol Health
Academy has visited approximately 70% of Hong Kong kindergartens, more than 620
schools in total, and educated kids aged at 3 to 5 years old to date.  


Not only engaging in educational program for the next
generation, Dettol supports the Hong Kong community with public hygiene
education. Dettol continuously shares hygiene and disease prevention related tips and education through
its websites and social media platforms to remind the public the importance of
maintaining a hygienic environment and the means to break the infection chain,
in order to create a cleaner, healthier world.


Hosted by ETNET, a prominent local media in Hong Kong, the Health Partnership
Award 2020 covers nine categories and recognises 28 companies for their
outstanding achievements in making efforts and contributions to promoting
public health and bringing excellent products. The award is selected by leaders
from different professions and fields by assessing the companies in diversified
facets including innovativeness, functionality, market potential, benefits to
consumers, and public impact. In particular, the award category, Corporate
Social Responsibility, recognises and credits contributors who integrate social
and environmental and public health concerns in their business operations and
interactions with their stakeholders, especially in the ongoing epidemic of
Penyakit Virus Corona 2019 (COVID-19) period.

[1]   According to “Dettol Health Academy
survey” in 2018, n=281.

About Dettol

The brand first
started in hospitals 80 years ago, where Dettol Antiseptic Liquid was first
used for the cleaning and disinfection of skin during surgical procedures. As a
trusted brand by doctors, Dettol was also used to protect mothers from illness
after childbirth.


Ever since then,
Dettol has been trusted around the world to help prevent wounds from infection,
prevent sickness and help mums protect their families by killing harmful germs
and helping to create safe environments for them to thrive in. 


The brand
continues to be one of the most trusted protectors of health. It’s still valued
today as a reliable and effective product which is safe to use on skin but also
powerful enough to use for environmental germ-killing tasks.


Dettol is world #1[2] Germ Protection brand. Dettol also ranked first in Sales Value (HK$) in the
Hand Wash segment of Liquid Soap category for the 10-year period[3].


For more information, please visit:

[2] According
to Nielsen’s global sales volume survey in 8 antibacterial product categories
in 14-47 countries (The past 12 months until April 2014)

[3] According
to the Nielsen MarketTrack Service data in the Hand Wash segment of Liquid Soap
category for Total Supermarkets, CVS and Drug Stores in Hong Kong from January
2010 to December 2019 (Copyright © 2020 The Nielsen Company)

About Dettol Health Academy

Established in 2011, Dettol Health Academy aims to educate the next
generation in Hong Kong on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and
hand washing techniques
. In addition to face to
face education, Dettol Health Academy often shares hygiene knowledge online
with interesting visuals and videos to enable children to learn more about
hygiene effectively, anytime and anywhere.

About RB

RB* is driven by its purpose to protect, heal and nurture in
a relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We fight to make access to the highest-quality hygiene,
wellness and nourishment a right, not a privilege, for everyone.


RB is proud to have a stable of trusted household brands
found in households in more than 190 countries. These include Enfamil,
Nutramigen, Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Mucinex, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil,
Lysol, Dettol, Veet, Harpic, Cillit Bang, Mortein, Finish, Vanish, Calgon,
Woolite, Air Wick and more.  20 million RB products a day are bought by
consumers globally.


RB’s passion to put consumers and people first, to seek out
new opportunities, to strive for excellence in all that we do, and to build shared
success with all our partners, while doing the right thing, always is what
guides the work of our 40,000+ diverse and talented colleagues worldwide.


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*RB is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group
of companies


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