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HappyFamily Launches New Nutritious Meal Replacement Product: DrMiow Professor Meal

HappyFamily Launches New Nutritious Meal Replacement Product: DrMiow Professor Meal

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 28 October
2020 – In 2012, HappyFamily is founded
by Malaysia’s renowned and outstanding iridology expert– Master Tan. The company is established based
on Master Tan’s strong belief in natural therapy — through observing and
analyse the iris to identify an individual’s health condition before proceeding
into restoring and improving his/her overall health.

In the beginning, HappyLiva is the only
signature product of the company which has an extraordinary effect in reducing
pathogenic heat. Whenever consumers feel like having a headache or inflamed,
they need only consume a sachet or two to effectively relief their discomfort.
Now, HappyFamily is going to launch its new nutritious meal replacement – DrMiow Professor Meal.

As of today, DrMiow Professor Meal is
HappyFamily’s finest masterpiece. It is a fruitful result discovered by the R&D team
after years of careful research – a formulation base on popular European food
ingredients consist of quality protein and rich fibre. The formulation not only
enhances our metabolism but also easily boost our satiety and energy after

A DrMiow Per Meal, Keeps You Healthy for
All Day

As a meal replacement that emphasizes on
low fat, low calorie, and comprehensive nutrition, DrMiow upholds the health
concept of “a sachet equals a meal, easy with no burden”. DrMiow
possesses high-quality rice albumin and whey protein that can replace legume
proteins usually used in general meal replacements. As a result, DrMiow is
easier to digest and will not result in bloating. Apart from that, it also
contains chia seeds that provide essential plant fibres and omega-3 fatty acid
which are effective in removing bad cholesterol, improve blood circulation,
relief soreness and numbness, and many other health benefits.

DrMiow also includes Promoat glucan that is
proven effective in reducing cholesterol, uric acid, and body fat. This is an
essential factor that can improve 3 highs issues and protect our cardiovascular
system; the 2-FL human milk oligosaccharides (HMO), on the other hand, is a
necessary immunity-related prebiotic that is beneficial to our gastrointestinal
system and immune system. Last but not least, DrMiow also provides various
nutrients and minerals that can replenish our everyday stamina and energy to
keep us vital for daily activities.

“A tiny sachet of DrMiow is enough to
keep us sated for 4 to 6 hours. It not only caters to the needs of weight
management for many women, but also resolves breakfast issues of students and
the trouble of office workers who are too busy to finish a proper meal,”
said Master Tan, founder of HappyFamily.

DrMiow Online Livestream Product
Launch: Giveaway Rewards and Charity

On 8th November, 8pm,
HappyFamily will livestream the product’s launch event through their official
Facebook page, HappyFamily2u. The renowned host Mc Jo is invited as the
product’s spokesperson as well as the MC of the event.

In order to thank fans and consumers for
their support, the livestream is ready to give away cash prizes up to RM2,000,
as well as DrMiow products and rewards worth of RM20,000 to lucky winners. Should
anyone be interested, orders can be placed through the official Facebook page
or Shopee after the product launch. Both the page name of Facebook and Shopee
are the same, which is HappyFamily2u.

In addition, the launch event is also
inclusive of charity campaign. For every DrMiow’s bundle package sold (a package is consist of 4 boxes
of product), HappyFamily will donate one box of DrMiow Professor Meal to
Shi Fang Elderly Care Centre (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Shi Fang) and others charitable organizations.

Official Facebook page: HappyFamily2u                Shopee official store:

Taiwan’s Sugarcane Straws Explore US Market

Taiwan’s Sugarcane Straws Explore US Market

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach
– 27 October 2020 – Taiwan not only invented bubble tea
that has created a global phenomenon, one of the country’s vibrant startup
firms has also come up with eco versions of straws that allow you sip through
and enjoy chewy tapioca balls, or oversized ‘bubbles’, in beverages. Among many
green solutions providers, Taiwan
Plants Fiber Tech Alliance(PFTA)
makes plastic-free, bio-degradable straws
and cutlery out of sugarcanes and other agricultural waste. It now aims to
expand the green product to the US.



focuses on circular application of agricultural materials and natural plant
fiber, such as sugarcane fiber straw, fulfilling the concept of zero waste.

According to the World Bank, the world
produced 242 million tons of plastic waste in 2016, 57 million tons originated
from Asia Pacific, 45 million tons from Europe and Central Asia, and 35 million
tons from North America, and that there will be more plastic in the oceans than
fish in 2050 if no action is taken.


In addition, recycling systems around the
world are breaking down due to Covid-19 budget strains. Recycling is not
enough; a more creative solution is replacing plastic. As Taiwan’s bubble tea
has taken the world by storm in recent years, its indispensable partner, the
straw, is becoming eco-friendly and cool.


PFTA chose sugarcane and plant fibers as
raw materials to make one-time or reusable cutlery. Its sugarcane straw is
nicknamed ‘savior for bubble tea lovers’ since Taiwan, home of bubble tea,
banned the use of plastic straws at the end of 2019. But long before that,
PFTA’s sugarcane straw was already welcomed by the Canadian market.


” In 2016, I posted our sugarcane straw on social media to celebrate
the success of its commercialization after years of R&D efforts. An
interested party from Canada immediately contacted me. He ordered two
containers right away,” said James Chen, founder and CEO of PFTA. Even if sugarcane
straws are twice as expensive as plastic ones, orders from Canada continued to
increase. Now this very first customer of PFTA has become its business partner
in Canada and has established production lines in Edmonton.


“Sugarcane is grown in abundance in Taiwan. In the Japanese
colonial age, sugarcane was a pillar of local economy. Until today, many
elderly in Taiwan still share the childhood memories of chewing sugarcanes for
fun. Therefore, we manufacture sugarcane straws when there are straws made from
cornstarch, paper, bamboo or stainless steel.” Chen said.


He said that another reason he chose to use
sugarcane is to help reduce agricultural waste. Taiwan is “the kingdom of
fruits and vegetables”. Abundant agricultural produce means abundant waste. Peels
of pineapples, bananas, papayas, or even coffee grounds can be a burden to the
environment since they produce methane in the compost or landfills and increase
CO2 emission when incinerated.


ASEAN governments also welcome sugarcane
straws as bubble tea is getting more popular in their countries. Thailand is
the first to adopt PFTA’s sugarcane straws. Malaysia banned the use of plastic
straws in 2019, Bali and Jakarta of Indonesia banned them in 2020. Striving for
a greener future and enforcing its marketing efforts, PFTA approached Green
Trade Project Office (GTPO) under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs for
overseas promotional support.


Sugarcane straw is just one of PFTA’s many
plastic-free products. The company core technology is in its green materials:
PFP (Plant Fiber Polymer) No.1 for making reusable products such as plates,
bowls, toys, and building materials; and PFP No.2 for single use straws,
spoons, and forks.


Chen said that compared with many other
countries, the US is a late-comer in adopting green, biodegradable sugarcane
straws. This means great market potentials for PFTA. “we are dedicated to
establishing a zero-plastic future and circular economy. It’s a long, hard
journey but we have confidence because we’ve seen more and more people
answering our call.”

XSD Partners with NEFIN to Power Up Its Plant with Solar Energy in Malaysia

XSD Partners with NEFIN to Power Up Its Plant with Solar Energy in Malaysia

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 27
October 2020 – Integrated papermaking specialist, XSD International
Paper Sdn Bhd (“XSD”) announced that it has entered into a power
purchase agreement (“PPA”) with NEFIN Group

The PPA was signed at a signing ceremony held at NEFIN’s office at
Penang where XSD was represented by its President, Ms. Joyce Shi ChenYe (施晨燁), NEFIN was represented by its Special Executive to the Chairman, Mr.
Chong Kok Ming (張國明). Group Chief Executive Officer of Solarvest
Holdings Berhad (“Solarvest”), Mr. Davis Chong Chun Shiong (張俊雄) is also present by
invitation to witness the signing of the PPA.

In conjunction with the signing ceremony, XSD announced its
sustainability plans. For a start, XSD will install a 9.2-megawatt (MWp) solar
PV system on its planned facilities in Kulim Industrial Park located at Padang
Meha, Kedah via the PPA.

The project will see NEFIN building a solar PV system that consists of
approximately 21,000 solar PV panels that will collectively generate over 13.5
million kWh clean energy and off-setting approximately 9369 tons carbon emissions annually. For illustration, a
30-year old tree can absorb about 193 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Hence,
the clean energy that will be produced by XSD in the new factory in Malaysia is
equivalent to growing 107,021 30-year old trees for the mother Earth.
The construction of the project is expected to be completed by Q3 of 2021.

Ms. Joyce Shi, President of XSD said, “Sustainability has
been a vital focus for our business as we move towards “Green Papermaking” and
the recycling economy. We have built a value chain that employs a closed-loop
system, emphasizing on reuse, remanufacture, and recycle, starting from our
point of collection of raw materials to production and waste management. In
line with our goal to be a socially responsible and environment-friendly
enterprise, we use recyclable materials such as wasted paper and adopts wasted
water processing system to produce our paper products.”

“The inking of this agreement further strengthens our cause, and we look
forward to power up our operations with clean renewable energy generated from
this project. This is just the beginning of our green
initiatives in Malaysia and we have earmarked a RM35 million investment target for combination of
green initiatives which include water and air system as well as this solar PV
system project. We intend to build a green paper industry park here and we are
currently in talks with several industry leaders to roll out the plans, such as
NEFIN and Solarvest for the provision of Engineering, Procurement, Construction
and Commissioning (“EPCC”) for our solar projects. We are proud to partner with
both distinguish Solar Industry Leader in this solar project, and certainly
this lay the foundation for more partnership in the future.”

XSD made its foray
to Malaysia in 2018 with a RM1.2 billion investment plan to develop a green
paper industry park in Kulim, Kedah as part of its relocation plans into the
Southeast Asia market. The development will help spur the local economic growth
in the area and create approximately 1,300 job opportunities to the locals
in a single phase.

Mr. Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN, said, “It is our goal to achieve
carbon neutrality for our clients as our contribution towards the fight against
climate change. One of the most optimum way to reduce carbon footprint for
commercial and industrial businesses is the planning stage for new factories or
buildings are being designed and constructed, transforming the way we build.
This is essential for long-term planning, and especially important for
corporates that aim to contribute to sustainable development. With the in-depth
industry knowledge and extensive experience of the NEFIN team, our
contributions at the early design stage can effectively help maximize clean
energy generation, cost saving and ensure seamless integration of the solar PV
systems with the buildings. We are very proud to be working with XSD on this
project and look forward to more opportunities to contribute to a greener
future for all.”

Please Click
HERE to download
the photo.

Photo caption (from left to right):

  • Jerry Wang Ning Feng (王甯豐), Chief Technical Engineer of XSD
    International Paper Sdn Bhd
  • Zhu Nai Jian (朱乃建), Production and Technical Director of XSD
    International Paper Sdn Bhd
  • Joyce Shi Chen Ye (施晨燁), President of XSD International Paper
    Sdn Bhd
  • Chong Kok Ming (張國明),Special Executive to the Chairman of NEFIN Group
  • Paul Dylan Lim Yung Le (林永樂) Business Development Manager of NEFIN
  • Davis Chong Chun Shiong (張俊雄), Group CEO of Solarvest Holdings Berhad

About XSD International Paper Sdn Bhd

XSD International Paper Sdn Bhd is an integrated papermaking group that
specialized in manufacturing Coated Duplex Board. The main products include
various grades of coated paperboard, corrugated paper, kraft paper, speciality
paper and recycled paper. Its products are widely used throughout China and
exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East and other regions. The 3 phase green
project of the group will produce 2.1 million tons annual capacity while
creating more than 3,000 employment opportunities. For more information on XSD,
log on to :

About NEFIN Group

NEFIN Group is a regional renowned solar developer with bespoke
experience in solar system deployment and a committed partner to organisations
to achieve carbon neutrality. Founded by core management team of DuPont Solar
Business, legal expert and investment bankers, NEFIN Group has collectively
delivered over 300MW of utility-scale, commercial and industrial rooftop solar
systems regionally. The group offers consulting services such as due diligence,
feasibility studies and lender-technical advice on top of project development,
system design, engineering and asset management. NEFIN Group also offers
flexible financing options to partners who opt for zero investment. Please
refer to NEFIN’s website  for more

About Solarvest Holdings Berhad

Solarvest specialises in turnkey engineering, procurement, construction
and commissioning (“EPCC”) services for solar photovoltaic (“Solar PV”)
systems. The Group also provides operations and maintenance services of solar
PV systems. It has an established track record, having completed solar PV
systems for Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic (“LSSPV”) plants as well as
residential, commercial and industrial properties. Solarvest is listed on the
ACE market of Bursa Malaysia. For more information, log on to

Local Business Crowdfunding Platform SeedIn Rebrands to BRDGE and Announces Planned Expansion Into Indonesia

Local Business Crowdfunding Platform SeedIn Rebrands to BRDGE and Announces Planned Expansion Into Indonesia

Rebranding exercise aims to better harness the Kampung Spirit of Singaporeans supporting their favourite local businesses


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 October 2020 –
Singapore-based peer-to-peer (P2P) investment network SeedIn today announced
its rebranding to BRDGE. With the
rebranding, BRDGE will be able to better reflect the company’s mission to serve
Singapore’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) not just through financial
support but with the long-term aim of providing the public with numerous
opportunities to support their favourite local businesses.


The announcement comes after BRDGE’s recent MOU signing with V3 Fintech,
a unit of V3 Group which develops digital and financial technology. Other
partners include local cybersecurity and fintech firms including ISTARI
International, Ensign Infosecurity, and Auto-Wealth. V3 Fintech is additionally
part of the Beyond consortium, one of the bidders for Singapore’s digital full
bank license. Under the MOU, BRDGE will collaborate with V3 Fintech to enhance
the suite of liquidity solutions available to SMEs, and help to create
awareness among SME communities on innovative ways to address liquidity
challenges and funding gaps.


SMEs in general are much more sensitive to
economic headwinds due to increased competition, fluctuating market demands,
technological advances, and capacity constraints surrounding information,
innovation and creativity. However, these enterprises make up the bulk of
Singapore’s economic success, contributing to nearly half of the country’s GDP
and providing jobs for about 65% of the workforce.


, CEO of
said, “As an SME ourselves, we are acutely aware of the day-to-day
challenges that SMEs face in terms of accessibility to credit and mobility in
pivoting to alternate business models. Rebranding has allowed us to stay committed to our mission of
serving as many SMEs as possible. It has also enabled us to grow Singapore’s
fintech ecosystem by providing additional financing solutions to
businesses seeking more options in funding, so that they can seize more
opportunities for growth. We
hope to take digital financing further, and to become not just another
crowdfunding platform, but one that is able to exhibit foresight and build
trust to help fellow local businesses and entrepreneurs grow.”


Trusted Platform and Community

Since 2014, BRDGE has helped fund over SGD72
million in capital to Singaporean SMEs. Its proprietary credit scoring
system  and community spirit of BRDGE’s
members has earned it positive accolades and endorsements from investors and
businesses alike.


Through BRDGE, the application process for SMEs
to obtain credit for short-term financing to grow their business has been
simplified, providing greater access to both businesses as well as investors
looking for short-term investment deals. The company also helps structure
loans, ensuring that businesses are able to explore greater options to manage
their cash flow and long-term sustainability, even during unprecedented


This flexibility has allowed SMEs
in BRDGE’s portfolio, such as F&B businesses Outbar, Harivenikas, and events manager Dreamland Productions to tide through the difficulties brought on
from the Covid-19 control measures enacted earlier this year, until the
regulations were gradually relaxed, allowing businesses to resume normal
operations. Additionally, the ability to avoid any penalties incurred from
early repayment of loans, such as in the case of F&B business Atas Food, remains an attractive option
for SMEs especially in times when companies have to be stringent with their
financial discipline.



Benefitting Local Businesses with #KEEPUPTHEGOOD
and WeConnect

SMEs today are facing additional financial
difficulties due to Covid-19, with many businesses struggling due to a lack of
income. #KEEPUPTHEGOOD, an initiative by BRDGE and media and technology
marketing agency Unravel Studios, aims to help tide SMEs through this period,
by providing resources to help them continue to contribute to Singapore’s
economy and sustain livelihoods.


Being an SME, BRDGE understands that besides
securing funding, it is also important to maximise the use of the funds,
especially during challenging periods. Through this partnership, SMEs who
receive funding will also be provided with complimentary support for one month
to fulfil their marketing objectives.

BRDGE has also been actively connecting SMEs to
opportunities and initiatives beyond funding, such as organising WeConnect, a
networking event for SMEs to develop partnerships and engage one another.


into Indonesia

Moving forward, BRDGE has also announced intentions
to expand operations into Indonesia and is currently in the process of securing
regulatory permission from the relevant authorities.


This move represents BRDGE’s continued
commitment to support SMEs both locally and regionally by bridging gaps between
the companies and investors in their respective countries, and is part of
BRDGE’s vision to benefit underserved SME markets by building businesses,
creating jobs and stimulating economies.


For more information on BRDGE, visit


BRDGE is a MAS-licensed P2P lending platform with a Capital Market
Service license (CMS100642-2). It has been around since 2014 and is part of the
pioneer batch of homegrown P2P lending platforms.

BRDGE is founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Since its
inception, BRDGE has facilitated over SGD $72,022,115 worth of loans and has
received positive reviews and endorsements from its partners, investors.

BRDGE has worked tirelessly to gain the trust of investors and SMEs
alike. Its reputation forms the foundation of BRDGE and and over the past 6
years of operation and counting, it has dedicated a big part of our work to
building honest relationships.


Facebook —

Instagram —

LinkedIn —

Telegram —

GS1 Hong Kong and buildingSMART Hong Kong Chapter signed a MoU to advance global standards in the construction sector

GS1 Hong Kong and buildingSMART Hong Kong Chapter signed a MoU to advance global standards in the construction sector

HONG KONG, CHINA –  Media OutReach – 27 October, 2020 – GS1 Hong Kong has
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HKABAEIMA (Hong Kong Alliance
for Built Asset & Environment Information and Management Associations),
which is the Hong Kong chapter of buildingSMART, to enable the construction
industry to benefit from the combined expertise of both organisations through the
use of standards and services they deliver.

Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 HK (left) and Ada Fung, President of HKABAEIMA
(right) signed a MoU to advance global standards in the construction sector. 


The use of global buildingSmart and GS1 standards, in particular for
product instance identification and exchange of product data, is critical in
addressing today’s challenges of digitalisation in the construction sector.


This agreement further strengthens the benefits of open standards-based
interoperability throughout the building and infrastructure value chain and
lifecycle, and the broader application of digital product information. With
shared visions and goals, the aim of this MoU is to jointly expand the breadth
and depth of the standards that are developed and maintained in their
respective communities.


“As a vendor-neutral and not-for-profit body that leads the development of
open digital information flows across the built asset economy, we uphold the
Vision of buildingSMART to enable full benefits from digital ways of working in
the built asset industry; and we uphold the Vision of the HKABAEIMA to foster
societal collaboration for smarter information management across built asset
and environment. I look forward to collaborating closer with GS1 Hong Kong to
advance the frontiers of built asset industry, helping to enable digital
transformation for Smart City development,” said Ada Fung, President of
HKABAEIMA cum Chair of Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART.


“GS1 standards for identification and product data exchange enhance supply
chain efficiency, enabling interoperability between actors in BIM processes.
The standards build the foundation for life cycle traceability of building
materials, which supports the construction industry with better authentication,
enhanced compliance and increased sustainability,” Anna Lin, Chief Executive of
GS1 Hong Kong said. “We are honoured to collaborate with HKABAEIMA in strengthening
open standards and interoperability throughout the supply chain, driving the
digital transformation of Hong Kong’s construction sector.”

About GS1 Hong Kong

Founded by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce in 1989, GS1 Hong
Kong is the local chapter of GS1®, a not-for-profit, standards organisation
that develops and drives adoption of easy-to-implement global standards for
business to uniquely identify, accurately capture and automatically share vital
information about products, locations and assets. Headquartered in Brussels,
Belgium, GS1 has 115 national chapters serving 150 economies globally.


GS1 Hong Kong’s mission is to empower business to grow and to improve
efficiency, safety, authenticity and sustainability across multiple sectors and
facilitates commerce connectivity through the provision of a full spectrum of
platforms, solutions and services based on our global standards. We provide a
trusted foundation for accurate, sharable, searchable and linkable data. Our
EPC standard lays the foundation for IoT, powering a range of IoT-based
services and applications. We are helping industry to meet the challenges of
omni-channel commerce and create a seamless customer experience. By engaging
with communities of trading partners, industry organisations, government, and
technology providers, we are fostering a collaborative ecosystem and aiming for
“Smarter Business, Better Life”.


Currently, GS1 Hong Kong has around 8,000 corporate members covering close
to 20 industries including retail consumer goods, food and food services,
healthcare, apparel, logistics as well as information and technology.


For more information about GS1 Hong Kong, please visit



Hong Kong Alliance
of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations
(HKABAEIMA) is founded by three associations [i.e., Hong Kong Geographic
Information System Association (HKGISA), Hong Kong Institute of Civil and
Building Information Management (HKICBIM) and The Hong Kong Institute of
Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM)] which are specialised in Information
Management for Built Asset and Environment industries.


The Alliance forms
a platform to gather all experts and professionals in Information Management
for sharing their experience and collaborating to develop cross-discipline
information flow for a better integration of the use of information within our
built asset industry and realize the full societal, environmental and economic
benefits of open sharable infrastructure and building asset information into
commercial and institutional processes worldwide. Our vision is to proactively
facilitate the active use and dissemination of open data standards enabling
infrastructure and building asset data and lifecycle processes to improving the
value achieved from investments in built assets and enhance opportunities for
growth in the following levels:


(1) Industry level:
To connect information management communities across built asset and environment


(2) Society level:
To serve society by building capacity, sharing experience and enabling
information exchange.


(3) Global level:
To drive digital transformation in line with global development.


The openBIM
approach promoted by buildingSMART targets to enhance interdisciplinary
communication using industry-standard exchange methodologies and streamline the
information sharing and collaboration process. HKABAEIMA sees the openBIM
potential and opens an opportunity to local and global practitioners to learn,
to share and to interchange with each other to empower the development of a
sustainable BIM roadmap.


HKABAEIMA cum Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART have more than 30 members that
are corporations, educational institutions, or societies. GS1 HK is one of our
Corporation Members and our associations currently have more than 2,000 members
since established in November 2019.


For more information about HKABAEIMA, please visit

Microsoft to Establish Its First Datacenter Region in Taiwan as A Part of Its “Reimagine Taiwan” Initiative

Microsoft to Establish Its First Datacenter Region in Taiwan as A Part of Its “Reimagine Taiwan” Initiative

Microsoft will accelerate digital transformation and innovation in Taiwan through access to secure enterprise cloud services, expansion of Taiwan’s Azure engineering group and local talent development for over 200,000 people


– Media OutReach 27 October 2020 – Microsoft Corp.
today announced another major milestone in its “Reimagine Taiwan” initiative,
including plans to establish its first cloud datacenter region in Taiwan and a
significant investment in local talent and development with the goal to provide
digital skilling for over 200,000 people in Taiwan by 2024. Additionally,
Microsoft is growing its Taiwan Azure Hardware Systems and Infrastructure
engineering group, which will establish Microsoft Taiwan as a hub in Asia for
innovation in designing and building advanced cloud software and hardware
infrastructure spanning AI, IoT and edge solutions.


The new investment adds to Microsoft’s significant and
recent investments in Taiwan, including the IoT Innovation Center, AI Research
and Development Center, Startup Accelerator and the IoT Center of Excellence. Today’s announcement represents
a new commitment in Microsoft’s more than 30-year history in Taiwan to fuel
new growth that will accelerate digital
transformation of Taiwan’s public and private sectors, helping customers
to reimagine their future by providing access to highly secured
enterprise-grade cloud services. In addition, Microsoft’s ambitious new
skilling plan will help to cultivate and groom tech talent, increasing future
employability opportunities for the people of Taiwan. According to a recent IDC study[1],
the next four years, Microsoft, its ecosystem and cloud customers together will
generate more than $10 billion in new revenue and will add over 30,000 jobs to
the Taiwan economy. 


has a critical role to play in supporting economic recovery and opportunity
everywhere. Microsoft is committed to fostering local innovation to support
digital transformation across the public and private sectors in Taiwan. Our new investment in Taiwan reflects our faith in its
strong heritage of hardware and software integration. With Taiwan’s
expertise in hardware manufacturing and the new datacenter region, we look
forward to greater transformation, advancing what is possible with 5G, AI and
IoT capabilities spanning the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge,” said Jean-Phillippe
Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales,
Marketing and Operations.


digital transformation and innovation across industries in Taiwan

will deliver highly secure and scalable cloud services that will help customers
to reimagine their businesses and innovate with confidence, adding Taiwan to
its global-scale cloud, which now totals 66 cloud regions announced. Microsoft
is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that offers computing,
networking, databases, analytics, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) services. Microsoft
is the world’s productivity cloud that delivers best-of-breed
productivity apps integrated through cloud services, delivered as part of an
open platform for business processes. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
are the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable
organizations to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of customers. At
launch, the new region will deliver Microsoft Azure first with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power
Platform services to follow.


Microsoft will help
customers to store data at rest in Taiwan and over 90 compliance certifications
to meet a broad range of industry and regulatory entity standards, under
Taiwan’s executive branch of government, the Executive Yuan. As part of
Microsoft’s global commitment to be carbon negative by 2030, the company will
shift to 100 percent supply of renewable energy for its datacenters by 2025. Microsoft
is also empowering its ecosystem and supply chain to be more sustainable. To
support customer needs for high-availability and resiliency in their
applications, the new region will also include Availability Zones, which are unique physical locations of datacenters with
independent power, network and cooling for additional tolerance to datacenter


Leading local companies across sectors have worked closely with
Microsoft to create customized solutions for their customers, including: Acer, ASUS, Chunghwa Telecom, Delta Electronics, FarEasTone
, TECO Electric & Machinery
Co. Ltd
, Trend Micro, Taiwan Mobile
and Taiwan
Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

“Acer is
excited that Microsoft is establishing a datacenter region in Taiwan, and we
look forward to furthering our partnership to help enterprises on their digital
transformation path with cloud and smart technologies, fulfilling our mission
of breaking barriers between people and technology,” said Jason Chen, Chairman
and CEO of Acer.


Telecom and Microsoft have closely collaborated in areas including private
enterprise networks, edge computing, smart manufacturing and smart energy, and
provided vertically integrated solutions and applications. Azure’s advanced
cloud services, combined with Chunghwa Telecom’s telecommunications and
operations expertise, will undoubtedly accelerate innovation across Taiwan’s
industries and ecosystem, bringing Taiwan’s best-in-class solutions to the Asia
pacific region and the world,” said Hong-Chan Ma Senior
Executive Vice President, Chunghwa Telecom.


Telecom is pleased to have formed a strategic alliance with Microsoft. Our core
strategy of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and
world-class telecommunications networks leverages Azure’s cloud platform to
create innovative solutions from the intelligent cloud to the intelligent edge.
With the local datacenter region, we hope to generate greater momentum for
Taiwan’s innovation, by creating diverse services suitable for a wide range of
industry scenarios, connect Taiwan to the globe, and make it a hub for the
world’s innovative applications,” FarEasTone Telecommunications, President Chee


Ken Sun, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan said, “I’m
confident that providing access to scalable, low-latency, and secure cloud
services will equip Taiwan’s public and private sectors with the latest AI and
IoT technologies, while meeting the highest cybersecurity, data residency and
compliance standards. Building a world-class, enterprise grade cloud marks an
important step toward the digitalization of Taiwan’s key industries. Microsoft
is committed to fuelling innovation and economic growth in Taiwan as it transforms
into the next Asian technology hub.”


Advancing employment opportunities through local

Microsoft plans to upskill over 200,000 people in
Taiwan over the next four years, providing digital skills acquisition programs
for youth, non-profits, startups and enterprises. This builds on Microsoft’s
investment in local skilling programs for students, including internship
programs, STEM Education, and Coding Angels. Microsoft will continue working
with non-profit organizations including the Build the Future, Eden Social
Welfare Associate, Taipei Orphan Foundation and Taiwan Fund for Children and
Families to reskill social workers. In collaboration with leading universities,
Microsoft plans to upskill business leaders, entrepreneurs, and C-level
executives through the AI Business School program. Finally, Microsoft is
working with industry associations to launch a series of re-skilling workshops
for women, including mothers returning to the workplace.

[1] IDC
Info Snapshot, sponsored by Microsoft, “The Microsoft Cloud Dividend
Snapshot: Taiwan,” Doc. #US46913920, October 2020


About Microsoft

(Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an
intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every
person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


more news and information, visit


Masan High-Tech Materials to forge a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials: MMC to invest US$90 million for a 10% stake in MHT

Masan High-Tech Materials to forge a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials: MMC to invest US$90 million for a 10% stake in MHT

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIET NAM –  Media OutReach – 26 October 2020 –  Masan
High-Tech Materials Corporation
 (“MHT” or the “Company”) signed definitive agreements to establish a strategic
alliance in the tungsten industry with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (“MMC”)
with the objective of developing a leading, high-tech tungsten materials

plant line of Masan High-Tech Materials in Vietnam

part of the strategic alliance, MMC will buy 109,915,542 newly issued ordinary
shares via a private placement for a total cash consideration equivalent to
US$90 million.

MHT’s chemical processing plant at Nui Phao
polymetallic mineral mine

completion of the transaction, MMC will own 10 per cent of the share capital of
the Company and become the second largest shareholder.

the transaction is completed, the parties will discuss developing a separate
business unit to strengthen and unlock the synergies between their respective
mid-stream tungsten platforms.

ability to offer cutting edge solutions to customers and the strategic
flexibility of being integrated across the value chain is a critical factor in
delivering sustainable growth, and will continue to be a critical factor in the
tungsten space.

prides itself on delivering constantly improving and innovative product
offerings. MHT is one of the only tungsten platforms that benefits from
consistent supply of primary (concentrates) and secondary raw (recycled)
materials that are then further processed into the finest quality oxides,
powders, carbides, and chemicals. The success of MHT is underpinned by a
combination world-class research and development with dedicated applications
engineers who have a track record of delivering fine-tuned specifications to
meet end customers’ evolving demands.

Post the H.C Starck (HCS) acquisition, a leading
global mid-stream tungsten business, in June this year, MMC’s participation as a strategic partner is
a validation of management’s transformation
into a vertically integrated high-tech tungsten platform. MMC will add
significant value as a strategic partner, and through the partnership the
parties will be positioned to develop cutting-edge solutions for end customers
that will accelerate growth, including:

opportunities for joint collaboration and investment in revolutionary research
and development of key technologies to enhance the parties’ respective
high-tech tungsten portfolio;

Enhancing the
ability of both MMC and MHT to provide industry-leading quality and performance
in their
high-tech tungsten products going
forward; and

Strengthening the
sales network in the Asia Pacific, which will broaden the consumption of MHT’s
fine powders in the region.

Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of MHT, said: “I am extremely proud that we are starting to realise our strategic
vision. Forging a strategic alliance with MMC will certainly accelerate our
vision to become an end-to-end global high-tech industrial materials platform. Our
customers will benefit the most as this partnership will strengthen our
capabilities to supply quality and innovative products and solutions.

“The alliance also positions MHT and
HCS to build a mid-stream tungsten Asian franchise, which is the missing piece
of our strategic puzzle. I am extremely excited and looking forward to
developing a long-term, win-win partnership with MMC.

Shibata, Director and Chief Financial Officer of MMC, said: “We have set the tungsten business including
the cemented carbide tool business to be one of the major pillars of our growth
strategy. I
am excited
about the new collaboration which our investment in MHT will create and it will
have a significant impact on our future.

Suisse acted as the exclusive financial advisor to MHT.

closing of the strategic investment is subject inter alia to certain regulatory approvals (including governmental
approvals in Vietnam) and MHT shareholders’ approval.




Tanveer Gill

T: +84 28 6256 3862



Ngan Vo

T: +84 989 363 769



Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) is a subsidiary of
Masan Group. The company, a leading supplier of critical minerals including
tungsten, fluorspar and bismuth, is currently operating a world-class
polymetallic mineral resource and chemical processing plant in northern
Vietnam. Masan High-Tech Materials is also a leading international supplier of
refractory technology metals to growth industrial sectors such as electronics,
chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aviation and aerospace, energy and
environmental technology from its own production locations in
Europe, America and Asia. Masan High-Tech Materials’ vision is to show the
world that a Vietnamese company can lead the transformation of the global
tungsten market.


Mitsubishi Materials Group is an “integrated
materials manufacturer.” Mitsubishi Materials Group meets customers’ needs
by providing such basic materials as copper and cement. Mitsubishi Materials
Group also manufactures and sells mechanical parts, electronic materials and
components used in automobiles, home appliances etc., as well as the tools used
to make them. Mitsubishi Materials Group is also involved in recycling and the
energy business.


Mitsubishi Materials Group, under the corporate
philosophy of “For People, Society and the Earth,” pursues the vision
of “We will become the leading business group committed to creating a
sustainable world through materials innovation, with the use of our unique and
distinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth.” Going
forward, Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to build a richer society by
making unique materials that meet customers’ needs and providing processing
solutions best suited to each customer.


Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking
statements regarding Masan High-Tech Materials’ expectations, intentions or
strategies that may involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking
statements, including Masan High-Tech Materials’ expectations, involve known
and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, some of which are beyond
Masan High-Tech Materials’ control, which may cause High-Tech Materials’ actual
results with respect to operations, financial condition, performance, or
achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by the
forward-looking statements. You should not rely upon forward-looking statements
as predictions, future events or promises of future performance.

Huubap Helps SMEs Go Digital With IMDA-Approved Workforce Management Software, King of Time

Huubap Helps SMEs Go Digital With IMDA-Approved Workforce Management Software, King of Time

  • Leading Japanese cloud system
    provides up to 70% funding support for companies to optimise workflow
  • Added benefits of managing
    staggered shifts and employee movement tracking

– Media OutReach – 26 October 2020 – Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can
now defray the costs of implementing a reliable workforce management system
with the adoption of King of Time by
Huubap. Under approval from Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Japan’s
number one HR cloud system is offered under the Productivity Solutions Grant with
a maximum of 70% funding support.


With the need of SMEs to improve productivity
and optimise workflow especially during a period of prolonged uncertainty
brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, King of Time offers a seamless entry
point for them to go digital without incurring excessive costs or wasted time.



King of Time’s cloud-based attendance system
requires only a PC and an internet connection. All stakeholders including HR,
managers and employees can easily access data in real time on their browser
from any authorised point of access. An integrated cloud system is especially
useful since telecommuting and shift arrangements remain the norm.


Mr Kazuyuki Okuhata, Co-founder and Chief
Executive Officer of Huubap, says: “SMEs are key drivers of the Singapore
economy and they need to be well-equipped to improve operations, especially for
industries that are harder hit by the pandemic. We hope that the adoption of
King of Time as part of their innovation initiatives will help them to optimise
workflow in the face of limited resources and manpower.”


The accessibility of the system makes leave
application, rostering and approvals fuss-free and time-saving. Features such as
flexible work hours management, staggered shifts, employee tracking, overtime
requests and leave management are customisable to industry and company-specific


King of Time’s clients span industries
such as F&B, automation, hospitality and retail.  Renowned patisserie Chateraise with outlets
all across the world benefits especially from the software’s global
compatibility usage. King of Time allows the company to manage multiple global
locations via one centralised master account.


Ariel Lee, Director of Sunpark
of the Chateraise franchise, endorses that King of Time “effectively reduces
the time taken to do payroll by 70%. Staff work hours are now also able to be
ascertained by the biometric system.”


Especially for industries like manufacturing,
retail and F&B that require more time attendance, the adoption of King of
Time helps companies to seamlessly transit into digital solutions. The
streamlining of operations by removing menial, manual and laborious tasks
reduces man-hours and costs drastically, offering companies a much-needed hand
in their productivity upgrading efforts.


Set-Up and Hardware Costs Covered

Five versions of King of Time are available for
subsidy, catering for 20 to up to 150 users. Subsidised rates under the grant
cover training, set-up and hardware to help companies through the initial
set-up of transitioning to digital solutions. This is also the most expensive
and time-consuming phase.


“SMEs need to quickly adopt a robust and
trusted time attendance system without accumulating additional stress on their
finances. As a pre-approved vendor that has undergone stringent tests and
checks by government bodies, we are able to offer our expertise in attendance
management with established network security and service standards,” Kazuyuki


King of Time dominates the attendance
management cloud market in Japan with 1,800,000 users and over 23,000 companies
(as of October 2020). Constrained by government-imposed lockdowns and
work-from-home arrangements due to the pandemic, companies in Japan and
Southeast Asia contributed to an 11% increase in subscribers this year alone.


As one of the supportable solutions under the
Productivity Solutions Grant, King of Time will help even more local companies
improve their business operations to tide through the pandemic and ride into
the digital economy.


The initial set-up fee for King of Time is from
SGD 500 and the monthly fee stands at SGD 3 per user.


Huubap is offering a 30-day free trial of King
of Time with full features available. Companies can apply for the trial on the
website and receive assistance from the support team with set-up and operation.


For more information about Huubap and King of
Time, please visit:

To contact Huubap, please call +65 6690 8821 or
email in to

For more information about Productivity
Solutions Grant, please visit:

About Huubap

was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Human Technologies, Inc. (H&T)
in Singapore. Huubap localises, sells and supports “King of Time” (KoT) for
Southeast Asian countries. KoT is H&T’s main product which has grown into
the leading cloud attendance management system in the market. On top of the
software, Huubap provides solutions that improve productivity of organisations,
such as tools for streamlining personnel, payroll management and paperless work
efficiency tools. The Huubap team spans across Singapore, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries, and are unified by a
multinational and multiethnic team culture. With its global perspective to
drive product improvement and sales support, Huubap aims to become the cloud HR
company with top share in the ASEAN region.

Huntkey Launches Sales Campaign – Sourcing Season 2020

Huntkey Launches Sales Campaign – Sourcing Season 2020

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 26 October 2020 – Huntkey, a leading provider of power solutions, recently
launched its latest sales campaign – the Sourcing Season 2020. The campaign
will be from Oct. 09th to Dec. 31st, 2020, which is
targeted at Huntkey’s global business partners (distributors) by offering them
special deals and the lowest product prices.


During the campaign
period, not only can Huntkey’s distributors enjoy buy-then-get-for-free deals,
but also they can get the lowest prices than usual in this year. The campaign
covers a wide range of products, and the hot-selling items in Vietnam – the GS
series PC power supplies are included.


Huntkey is a top player
of PC power supply in Asia, and the GS series power supplies are Huntkey’s core
items that are specifically built for global markets. They have gained
favorable feedback from the markets for their high performance and affordable
prices. They include models of GS450, GS500, GS550, GS600 and GS700. They are
80 Plus listed (meaning high energy efficiency) and designed with the maximum
power output from 350 watts to 600 watts to meet the needs for working,
studying, watching videos and playing video games.


The GS series power
supplies are made using high quality components. To enhance power output
efficiency and increase the performance and stability of the users’ system,
they are designed with Active PFC, dual forward topology and double EMI
filters. They are 80 Plus certified and tested with a energy efficiency
exceeding 85% at 50% load, and up to 82% at 20% and 100% load. Less heat
generation means lower electricity bills.


To achieve
extraordinary heat dissipation and soundless performance, the GS series power
supplies are equipped with a 120mm temperature control fan, which can operate
more smoothly without friction and control the rotating speed intelligently,
providing the user an extremely silent environment. To minimize the risk of
damages from bad circumstances like short circuit, over voltage, under voltage
and over current, they are equipped with multiple protections include Short
Circuit Protection(SCP), Over Voltage Protection(OVP), Under Voltage
Protection(UVP) and Over Current Protection(OCP).


Apart from PC power
supplies, the campaign also covers monitors, surge protectors, power strips,
air purifiers, laptop adapters and PD chargers. According to the campaign
policies, Huntkey will give away its products for free after their distributors
place orders accordingly. For different product categories, Huntkey sets up
various giveaway rules. However, the higher the order amount, the more free
products that distributor will get. Apart from the above, Huntkey will also
lower its product prices on its main categories. Huntkey’s distributors are
assured that they can enjoy the lowest price within the whole year.


“The campaign is a
cost-effective chance for the distributors to prepare inventory for the
upcoming new year or Christmas holidays,” according to Huntkey’s Marketing
Director. “In spite of the current world economic downturn and instability,
Huntkey is continuing with supporting its partners.”


learn more about Huntkey, please visit:

About Huntkey

Founded in
1995, Huntkey is a leading global provider of power strips, surge protectors,
power supplies, adapters, chargers, monitors and air purifiers. Huntkey is an
Asia renowned brand, a member of The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s
Association (PSMA) and China Power Supply Society (CPSS).
Including three total nearly
1,000,000 square meters industrial parks, Huntkey is one of the most famous brands
and largest companies in mainland China. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, with
branch companies in the US, Japan and Hong Kong, and with cooperating factories
in Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina and India.

AmLife rolled out its World Mental Health Day showcase themed  “Sleep Well For Mental Health” covering six key countries

AmLife rolled out its World Mental Health Day showcase themed “Sleep Well For Mental Health” covering six key countries

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 26 October
2020 – In
conjunction with World Mental Health Day (WMHD), sleep health specialist AmLife
International Sdn. Bhd
rolled out its WMHD showcase themed “Sleep Well For
Mental Health” covering six key countries — Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,
Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  The
showcase comes in the forms of workshops- both online and offline – to educate
the mass public on current mental health conditions in the region. 

Mr Lew and Elizabeth showcase the AmLife DeepZleep Amsonic with regenerative sleep technology from Japan

year looks grim with the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with threatening realities of
health and life, loss of jobs, lack of social interactions, all these take a
toll on everyone’s mental health, as well as adverse physical and emotional

survey by The Ministry of Health Malaysia showed that by 2020, mental health
conditions are expected to be the second biggest health problem affecting
Malaysians after heart diseases. One in three Malaysian adults aged 16 years
and above (29.2 percent) have a mental health condition, nearly triple from
11.2 percent in 2006.  Amongst Malaysian
youth aged 13 to 17, one in five has depression, two in five have anxiety and
one in 10 has stress.

the mental well-being of Malaysian households during MCO (Movement Control
Order / Lockdown), the latest health survey conducted by Malaysian think tank
The Centre with 1084 respondents in Malaysia indicated:

  • 45%
    of the respondents reported experiencing negative mental well-being during the
    MCO, with different levels of severity.
  • 22%
    reported experiencing severe and extremely severe anxiety, with 20% and 15% of
    the respondents reporting severe and extremely severe depression and stress
  • Women
    and those below the age of 35, reported experiencing higher levels of negative
    emotions. 18-26% of women stated that they experienced severe and extremely
    severe depression, anxiety, and stress.

Abroad, according to the International Association
for Suicide Prevention, USA (IASP), one billion people across the world are
thought to have a mental or substance use disorder and anyone, anywhere, can be
affected. Depression alone is on track to be the leading disease burden in the
next 10 years.

Mr. Lew Mun
Yee, Founder & President of AmLife said good quality sleep improves our
psychological and mental health and vice versa. Physiological health and psychological
issues are escalating globally. One in five persons has a type of mental health
issue. Therefore AmLife
stresses sleep education which is part of our business philosophy,” explained Lew.

AmLife has engaged Ms.
Elizabeth Huxtable, a certified Sound Therapist with over 30 years of
holistic therapy (Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute, San Francisco,
USA) and Dr. Luke Wang – a Taiwan Specialist in Psychiatric, Sleep Medicine,
and Geriatrics & Dean of Rafah Sleep Clinic in Taiwan to share some
insights into mental health.

Luke shared, “One needs to sleep well to improve mental health, which in turn gives
rise to a healthier body. Disrupted sleep impairs the brain plasticity and
alters the stress and inflammatory system. Clinical tests point to poor sleep
quality leading to Alzheimer’s Disease besides long-term stress that will
increase high blood glucose, poor metabolic and increase in obesity thus
impacting mental stress level and affect overall health ” he elaborated.

Frequency To the Rescue! Studies found that sound
frequency can affect the nervous system and can have a positive healing effect
on the mind and body. Elizabeth, “Sound therapy helps relax people’s stress.
This naturally reduces their blood pressure and helps the vascular system to
relax the blood vessels allowing the blood to flow more easily. Each organ and
cell in our body has a resonant frequency. Sometimes, due to stress, toxins in
the environment, disease, etc, the organs start to vibrate at the wrong
frequency, the healing sound vibrations can help to reset them to their natural
frequency and relaxes the body,” she elaborated.

the cue from Ms. Elizabeth, AmLife introduced its DeepZleep Amsonic solutions
– a regenerative sleep technology from Japan which combines Electric Potential
Therapy, Thermal Therapy and AmSonic Frequency Therapy — all in a bedding form.  AmSonic Frequency Therapy is the latest brand
new Japanese technology which harnesses the frequency of nature and spiritual
healing frequency to harmonize the body frequency and sync it with the natural
environment to enable the body to relax, relieve tension and goes into deep
slumber so your body can experience recuperative and health rejuvenation capabilities.

DeepZleep Amsonic is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong.

A study by the Northwestern University
School of Medicine found that low-decibel frequency therapy can help improve
deep sleep especially in the elderly. The health expert believes that the deep
sleep phase is important for memory integration and smarter thought processes.

They found that people who fell asleep
while listening to low-decibel frequency therapy scored three times higher than
those without background music in memory tests the next morning, meaning that
they literally became smarter overnight.

“Therefore, AmLife will continue its
mission and business direction to lead the world’s first regenerative sleep
technology for an all-rounded physical and spiritual well-being.  We hope that everyone can naturally recharge
your physical and mental health in sleep,” added Lew.

For more information, please

About AmLife

AmLife commenced its sleep healthcare business in 2014. The
company has pioneered the combination of bedding equipment with Japan’s state-of-the-art
technology to tap and expand the unlimited potential of the sleep healthcare
market by providing a brand-new health solution for the daily use of a
modern-day community.

AmLife committed to promoting sleep health activities in
the past few years, to create awareness to the public; sleep plays an integral
part in health. World Sleep Day is a major event held by AmLife every year.

Congratulations to AmLife for winning the World Sleep Day
2019 Honourable Mention and the 2018 Distinguished Activity Award at the World
Sleep Conference held in Vancouver, Canada on September 22, 2019!

This world event brought
together 352 official representatives from 53 countries, and they hosted more
than 200 World Sleep Day events around the world. Among these country
representatives, AmLife was the only one to promote World Sleep Day in multiple