Minhaaj Rehman

Minhaaj Rehman is a consultant, writer, and speaker with multilingual skills. Currently, he contributes to The News, More Magazine, ProPakistani, etc. He writes on diverse topics ranging from technology to education and politics to travel. Minhaaj has studied and traveled in Europe that has equipped me with various cross-border issues and nuanced views international relations. He can be reached at minhaaj@gmail.com.


Corsica, Cairo and St Helena

Algerians and Moroccans speak French with a unique crescendo. It is more pronounced than the usual muffled and mellifluous Sorbonne French. Out of 24…

Merchant of Venice Shylock

The Villainy you Teach Me

As it lay in ruins and bitter poverty now, it wasn’t always this barren. From Nakfa in northern Eritrea to Finchawa in Ethiopia it…

Violence in Kashmir

Kashmir – Dead to the Last Man

He looked just like another Indian. Barely a second look material. He mingled and was nothing conspicuous. His father now paralyzed, had only an…

Eric Lancon and his wife Ayu at Wagah border.

Eid and the Muslim World

Eid is the bi-annual celebration of Islamic faith that gathers the society in celebrating its diversity and gratitude. First, of them is celebrated after…