Boutir Launches “Your online store solution from a mobile phone” New TV Ad Campaign

Boutir Launches “Your online store solution from a mobile phone” New TV Ad Campaign

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 11 August 2020 – Boutir, a social mobile commerce solution and
multi-channel commerce platform provider, has produced a new TV commercial
series titled the Three Boutir Genies, which showcases through sci-fi animation
how Boutir’s easy-to-use mobile interface can effectively address merchants’
pain points associated with setting up an online shop.


The new TV commercial series was
premiered on Viu TV on 27 July. It features three fictional genie figures in
the e-commerce realm, the Web Bouncer, the Multitasker, and Payment Handler,
each representing a set of common pain points of online merchants, such as not
knowing how to design and launch the online store, manage the administrative,
logistics and advertising, and process the large amount of payments. However,
Boutir’s simplified and easy-to-use mobile interface allows merchants to set up
an online store effortlessly. The TV commercial campaign comes with the tag
line “your online store solution from a mobile phone”, accentuating on the many
features of Boutir’s one-stop mobile solution for integrated store management
with the choice of multiple payment methods and the ease with which merchants
can launch their online stores.


Boutir is anchored on four core
values: Simple, Mobile, Social and Data. Earlier this year, Boutir became a
Facebook Preferred Partner for Commerce and a Google Partner for AdWords in
Hong Kong, and it was the first vendor in the region with a mobile app
launching an online store. In June, Boutir’s In-App Ad Buying Feature Program
will further help merchants automatically install the Facebook Pixel tracking
code through its interface API under the program, thereby establishing product
catalogue, real-time links to Facebook store and dynamic ads to promote their
products. Merchants can place Facebook and Google conversion ads directly and
use the accumulated post-ad data — beyond the current target, retarget and
lookalike features. This enables SMEs to engage potential customers with better
targeted marketing campaigns and gain revenue directly.


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About Boutir Limited

Established in 2015, Boutir Limited
is a social mobile commerce solutions provider and multi-channel commerce
platform for individuals and corporate retailers to set up online stores and
run a retail business through mobile apps. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Boutir
currently works with 100K+ merchants, 2M products and 1.7M monthly active
consumers, and has expanded into Southeast Asia.



Dettol wins the Outstanding Community Service in Personal Hygiene of Health Partnership Award 2020 in Hong Kong

Dettol wins the Outstanding Community Service in Personal Hygiene of Health Partnership Award 2020 in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach
– 10 August 2020 – RB Hong Kong is proud to
announce Dettol received the Health Partnership Award 2020 that
recognized our contribution to Outstanding Community Service in Personal
Hygiene under the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Health
Partnership Award is themed “Be your healthiest self”, aims to raise people
awareness of lifelong health and wellness, which perfectly connects with
Dettol’s brand mission.  

Throughout the years, RB exists to protect, heal and nurture in the
relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world, and to help people making
access to the highest quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment a right and not
a privilege. In line with such purpose, Dettol, one of RB’s leading brands in
Hong Kong not only strives to provide trusted and a variety of products for
personal and family health and hygiene but put ourselves accountable for
education for the community at large.


Dettol understands that children’s immunity systems are not yet
well-established. Washing hands is one of the most effective means to prevent
germ transmission. Aligned with its brand purpose, Dettol launched the flagship
educational program, Dettol Health Academy helping Hong Kong kids to develop simple but
critical handwashing habit, enabling them to prevent germ transmission
in their growing-up journey and thus, inspiring their parents on family hygiene
and in turn contributing to a healthier community. Dettol Health Academy also
embraced digital development and extended its life-engagement to teach
kindergarten students in a fun and easily accessible way. Previously, the program went
out from classrooms and set up a mobile germ testing station on a school bus to
visualize hand washing steps, bringing a new learning experience to the
students. Such new education format was endorsed by the Chinese University of
Hong Kong and Save The Children.

Since its launch in 2011, Dettol Health Academy has been
receiving positive recognition from different stakeholders. Over 90% of
interviewed parents agreed the program helped improving children’s
understanding of personal hygiene [1] . Until 2019, Dettol Health
Academy has visited approximately 70% of Hong Kong kindergartens, more than 620
schools in total, and educated kids aged at 3 to 5 years old to date.  


Not only engaging in educational program for the next
generation, Dettol supports the Hong Kong community with public hygiene
education. Dettol continuously shares hygiene and disease prevention related tips and education through
its websites and social media platforms to remind the public the importance of
maintaining a hygienic environment and the means to break the infection chain,
in order to create a cleaner, healthier world.


Hosted by ETNET, a prominent local media in Hong Kong, the Health Partnership
Award 2020 covers nine categories and recognises 28 companies for their
outstanding achievements in making efforts and contributions to promoting
public health and bringing excellent products. The award is selected by leaders
from different professions and fields by assessing the companies in diversified
facets including innovativeness, functionality, market potential, benefits to
consumers, and public impact. In particular, the award category, Corporate
Social Responsibility, recognises and credits contributors who integrate social
and environmental and public health concerns in their business operations and
interactions with their stakeholders, especially in the ongoing epidemic of
Penyakit Virus Corona 2019 (COVID-19) period.

[1]   According to “Dettol Health Academy
survey” in 2018, n=281.

About Dettol

The brand first
started in hospitals 80 years ago, where Dettol Antiseptic Liquid was first
used for the cleaning and disinfection of skin during surgical procedures. As a
trusted brand by doctors, Dettol was also used to protect mothers from illness
after childbirth.


Ever since then,
Dettol has been trusted around the world to help prevent wounds from infection,
prevent sickness and help mums protect their families by killing harmful germs
and helping to create safe environments for them to thrive in. 


The brand
continues to be one of the most trusted protectors of health. It’s still valued
today as a reliable and effective product which is safe to use on skin but also
powerful enough to use for environmental germ-killing tasks.


Dettol is world #1[2] Germ Protection brand. Dettol also ranked first in Sales Value (HK$) in the
Hand Wash segment of Liquid Soap category for the 10-year period[3].


For more information, please visit:

[2] According
to Nielsen’s global sales volume survey in 8 antibacterial product categories
in 14-47 countries (The past 12 months until April 2014)

[3] According
to the Nielsen MarketTrack Service data in the Hand Wash segment of Liquid Soap
category for Total Supermarkets, CVS and Drug Stores in Hong Kong from January
2010 to December 2019 (Copyright © 2020 The Nielsen Company)

About Dettol Health Academy

Established in 2011, Dettol Health Academy aims to educate the next
generation in Hong Kong on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and
hand washing techniques
. In addition to face to
face education, Dettol Health Academy often shares hygiene knowledge online
with interesting visuals and videos to enable children to learn more about
hygiene effectively, anytime and anywhere.

About RB

RB* is driven by its purpose to protect, heal and nurture in
a relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We fight to make access to the highest-quality hygiene,
wellness and nourishment a right, not a privilege, for everyone.


RB is proud to have a stable of trusted household brands
found in households in more than 190 countries. These include Enfamil,
Nutramigen, Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Mucinex, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil,
Lysol, Dettol, Veet, Harpic, Cillit Bang, Mortein, Finish, Vanish, Calgon,
Woolite, Air Wick and more.  20 million RB products a day are bought by
consumers globally.


RB’s passion to put consumers and people first, to seek out
new opportunities, to strive for excellence in all that we do, and to build shared
success with all our partners, while doing the right thing, always is what
guides the work of our 40,000+ diverse and talented colleagues worldwide.


more information visit

*RB is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group
of companies

Online gifting retailer Flower Chimp observe sales spike amidst the new normal

Online gifting retailer Flower Chimp observe sales spike amidst the new normal

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 August 2020 
In 2020, with uncertain times taking the world by a storm, many businesses have
fallen victim to the pandemic and its devastating impact. During Singapore’s
circuit breaker, individuals and businesses alike, were constrained from many
day-to-day activities in an attempt to curb the virus; but in an unanticipated
turn of events, many businesses have remained pandemic-proof and have
conversely, managed to thrive in these times.

One of these businesses is Flower Chimp
— a leading online gifting retailer operating across Southeast Asia, delivering
flowers bouquets, gift hampers, and more in Singapore since 2018. What Flower
Chimp may have not anticipated is that the pandemic’s “new normal” barriers would prove to be an opportunity for many to
rekindle their relationships with their loved ones — despite distance.

Within Singapore alone, the business saw
a growth of 150% in sales within just 2 months, as people turned to sending
flowers around the country, and even from outside as a memento of love to those
far away from them. “We expected revenue to decline to pre-COVID-19 times after
circuit breaker restrictions were lifted, however sales remained strong” says a
spokesperson of the company, “however, customer behaviour appears to have
changed sustainable, as many first-time customers of the circuit breaker period
continue to shop
for gifts online

Flower Chimp is just one example of a
pandemic-proof business, continuing its pursuit of saying it best with flowers
by helping people give the invaluable gift of connection and communication, in
the form of fresh petals. Many other businesses in the e-commerce arena have
witnessed similar traction, as people, for example, improve their living spaces
shopping for furniture online or seek to buy yoga mats for their new home
exercise routine.

About Limitless Technology

Founded in 2016 by German entrepreneurs
Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa, Limitless Technology is an ecommerce holding
company active in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore
with their flagship brands such as Flower Chimp and CakeRush.

Specially catering to consumers in the
gifting and lifestyle e-commerce segment, the group strives to serve the
growing demand for gift delivery and other categories across South East Asia
with high caliber technologies, services, and teams.

Sa Sa x Boutir Makes New Inroads into New Retail

Sa Sa x Boutir Makes New Inroads into New Retail

  • Building integrated channels and helping business owners
  • Develop new systems to boost sales

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 10 August 2020 – Sa
Sa International Holdings Limited
(Sa Sa or the “Group”; stock code: 0178)
announced on 3 August its official adoption of Boutir‘s solution and the
setup of “personal online stores” for its beauty consultants. This will allow
Sa Sa to combine the strengths of in-store and online shopping to create a more
flexible and personalised experience for customers in Hong Kong SAR while
providing an additional sales channel for Sa Sa’s frontline staff to make extra


With the Boutir solution, customers can first visit Sa Sa’s physical
stores or access product information via Facebook Live, then complete their
purchases in Sa Sa’s beauty consultants’ “personal online stores”. At the same
time, Sa Sa’s beauty consultants will be able to easily engage customers via
the Boutir mobile app by recommending products and offers to them, checking
orders and arranging delivery. Leverage on the partnership combines three
advantages, namely social media, Sa Sa’s expansive customer base and the multi-brand
beauty advice of its professional beauty consultants, this solution directs
traffic going through online stores to physical stores and brings customers at
physical stores online without spatial-temporal constraints. This partnership also
helps Sa Sa establish an omni-channel sales system to boost sales.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sa
Sa has developed its e-commerce business rapidly, particularly social commerce,
which can leverage on the professional expertise of Sa Sa’s beauty consultants.
With a personal service component, social commerce has the potential to
outperform traditional online sales in terms of house brand mix, gross margin
and basket size. Since October 2019, Sa Sa has piloted a WeChat mini-programme
to target Mainland China customers who have visited Sa Sa retail stores in Hong
Kong or Macau SARs. In light of encouraging results from the pilot run, the
Group has expanded its social commerce efforts by partnering with Boutir to
engage with customers in Hong Kong SAR and conduct online sales through social
media. Sa Sa also actively launches live broadcasting at multiple social media platforms
in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China to further attract online customers.


Boutir is anchored on four core
values: Simple, Mobile, Social and Data. As a leader in new retail solutions,
Boutir provides a simple and cost-effective one-stop e-commerce platform for
retailers to build online stores; manage merchandise, orders and loyalty
programs; and analyze data in the traditional e-commerce marketplace with
advanced technology, creativity and an improved user experience. Boutir has
partnered with a variety of retailers on its solution including MaBelle, MADIA,
OTO, and S.T. Dupont since 2017. Such efforts have extended the scope of retail
merchandise from jewelry, massage products and luxury goods to include beauty,
cosmetics and wellness, paved the way for the retailers to sell across
different scenarios, and continued to set the trends on new retail.


Simon Kwok, SBS, JP, Chairman and CEO of Sa Sa
, said, “Sa Sa is committed to
social commerce and is constantly developing new online sales channels. The
partnership with Boutir allows Sa Sa to transcend the spatial-temporal
boundaries, use social media to engage and sell more with customers in Hong
Kong SAR and leverage potential synergies between its online presence with the existing
brick-and-mortar stores to provide a seamless online-to-offline (O2O) shopping
experience that is more flexible, accessible and intimate. At the same time,
this partnership is generating additional commission income for the frontline
staff amid COVID-19 outbreak and pivoting Sa Sa towards a new retail model.”


Eric Ng, Founder of Boutir
, said, “The launch of ‘online personal stores’
breaks the physical limits of brick-and-mortar stores and makes it easier for
customers to connect with the frontline beauty consultants for more
personalized product recommendations and offers. I am confident that this
partnership with Sa Sa will fully leverage the strengths of its professional
beauty consultants to seamlessly extend their first-class customer service in
brick-and-mortar stores into the online platform, while improving customer
loyalty, broadening the customer base and increasing sales conversion rate.
Looking ahead, we remain on the lookout for the right retailers to further solidify
their brand position in Hong Kong and to achieve more meaningful sales growth.”

About Sa Sa International Holdings Limted

Sa Sa, a leading beauty product retailing group in Asia, runs one-stop
cosmetics specialty stores selling diverse quality products ranging from
skincare, fragrance, make-up, hair care to body care products, as well as
health and beauty supplements under more than 700 brands. Sa Sa operates more
than 230 retail stores in the Hong Kong and Macau SARs, Mainland China and
Malaysia, as well as providing customers with a convenient shopping experience
across multiple online platforms.


The Group has been included in the Hang Seng Composite SmallCap Index,
FTSE World Index Series and, MSCI Index Series. It has been a constituent
member of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index since 2011. Sa Sa
has also been an eligible stock for Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect since

About Boutir Limited

Established in 2015, Boutir Limited is a social mobile commerce solutions
provider and multi-channel commerce platform for individuals and corporate retailers
to set up online stores and run a retail business through mobile apps.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Boutir currently works with 100K+ merchants, 2M
products and 1.7M monthly active consumers, and has expanded into Southeast



Sun Life Opens Singapore Branch

Sun Life Opens Singapore Branch

Move expands Sun Life’s presence to eight markets in Asia


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 7 August 2020 – Sun Life Financial Inc. (TSX: SLF) (NYSE: SLF), a global life insurer and asset manager, today announced it has opened a branch in Singapore to offer life insurance solutions to High Net Worth Clients. The announcement follows final license approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in May 2020.


Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Singapore Branch (“Sun Life Singapore”) will offer life insurance solutions to help Clients grow, protect and transfer their wealth to the next generation. The move extends Sun Life’s presence to eight markets in Asia: China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, and reinforces Sun Life’s leading position in the international High Net Worth life insurance market.


“This represents a significant milestone in Sun Life’s history,” said Léo Grépin, Sun Life Asia President. “For 128 years, we have been helping Clients in Asia to grow, secure and transfer their wealth. We look forward to bringing our trusted expertise, unmatched capacity and tailored solutions to help Singaporeans protect their prosperity for generations to come,” said Grépin.


Singapore is a global financial hub attractive to many High Net Worth individuals due to its sound and well-established regulatory environment, together with a business environment which encourages and cultivates entrepreneurialism. There is significant opportunity for Sun Life Singapore to help affluent, High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Clients protect their wealth. Sun Life is a leader in international High Net Worth life insurance, having pioneered the universal life insurance product in the global High Net Worth market two decades ago.


Belinda Au, previously General Manager of Distribution and Marketing at Sun Life Hong Kong, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sun Life Singapore. Au said, “As a leading international financial centre, Singapore is home to many High Net Worth individuals. I am very excited for this new opportunity and look forward to helping our Clients in Singapore to achieve their wealth goals and create a lasting legacy through their entire lifetime and beyond.” Au reports to Fabien Jeudy, President of Sun Life International HuBS: Sun Life’s businesses in Hong Kong, Bermuda and Singapore, which offer world-class products, underwriting, Client service and relationship management to HNW Clients. 


Fabien Jeudy, President of Sun Life International HuBS, said, “It is my honour to lead Sun Life International HuBS. We can capitalize on our market-leading capabilities across this network to serve our Clients better and capture growth opportunities across the globe.”


Sun Life currently supports more than 23 million Clients in Asia, offering life, health and wealth management solutions through a multi-channel distribution approach. In the past four years, Sun Life’s business in Asia has grown to support 11.5 million new Clients and its underlying net income has grown at a CAGR of 15%.


Au continued, “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all live and work. Clients are learning to live with the virus and look for solutions that can help them grow their wealth in the new normal. This is where we step in — we are well-positioned to assist our Clients in securing their wealth with our strong HNW capabilities.”


Facts about Sun Life in Asia:

  • 2019 full year underlying earnings of C$550 million, up 5% on 2018
  • Wealth and asset management businesses in Asia have C$52 billion in assets under management
  • Business Commenced: 1892
  • Number of Clients: 23 million+
  • Number of advisors: 123,000+
  • Employees across Asia: 21,000+

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Singapore Branch is a branch of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is Sun Life Financial Inc.’s principal operating life insurance subsidiary.


About Sun Life

Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individual and corporate Clients. Sun Life has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2020, Sun Life had total assets under management of C$1,023 billion. For more information, please visit


Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.


Note to editors: All figures in Canadian dollars

The First Corporation to Ever Excel Digital Transformation in Multi-industry Changed Its Identity

The First Corporation to Ever Excel Digital Transformation in Multi-industry Changed Its Identity

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – Aug 07, 2020 – T​he potential of Blockchain technology reaches across multiple industries. This 4.0 digital mechanism could be the answer for many stubborn social problems, especially when the world is facing a once-in-a-century health crisis — Covid-19 and is demanding urgent resolutions. This strange, yet promising, Blockchain corporation – Lina Network believes, it’s about time for them to take the next significant step on the development journey right in the middle of chaos and crisis. Perhaps, changes are necessary to adapt to the ‘new normal’ which is slowly seizing the world system. The firm officially transformed their brand identity ​“to become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.” The new look is clean, neat and delivers the essence of contemporary technology in the digital age just right.


The face of digital transformation

Lina Network new logo design includes 3 dots, those are connected tightly and presented for 3 elements: ​Human​, ​Technology​, ​Solution​. Via this logo, Lina Network emphasizes the important role of technology in connecting humans (individuals, organizations, partners) to provide the prime solutions for existing obstacles in the economy and society. The new identity illustrates the mission Lina Network is attempting to achieve.

Founded in Switzerland, based in Vietnam, the Blockchain corporation- Lina Network established a new brand identity in the middle of the Covid pandemic and global chaos.


Go further than just agriculture

It was the starting point of Lina Network, founded from the desire to apply 4.0 technology in addressing the supply chain shortcomings in Vietnam’s agriculture. During the first two years of operation, they have constantly educated farmers and firms across the country on new definitions in agrotechnology and prepared them with digital applications for the agribusiness.

Young but experienced, this Swiss-funded ICO corporation decided to sail beyond the horizon, for agriculture is the point of departure and not the limit. The spokesperson strongly affirmed: “The mission that Lina Network yearns to perform will not stop at agriculture. Our projects are executed in many fields, from reviews, healthcare, e-commerce, e-government to digital assets. Since our business orientation and inner values have changed, the brand identity, thereby, transformed correspondingly in order to strengthen the brand image and to ensure consistency in conveying our values message. Lina Network’s ultimate goal is to become a leading technology corporation in Viet Nam. The birth of our new identity is a succinct affirmation of the mission we wish to fulfill: ‘To become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.'”


The first corporation​​to ever launch Blockchain-based products and services in 5 different fields

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of the 4.0 era. The corporation culture is imbued with the breath of modern technology, from the business orientation depicted through the brand identity and content, to the deployment of science and automation in product development to solve economic and social problems. Lina Network is currently offering 5 Blockchain-based products and services across 5 different industries:

●      Lina Review—  a transparent review platform

●      Lina FarmTrust— an agriculture traceability platform

●      Lina MarketTrust— an e-commerce platform for agricultural sectors

●      Lina MediTrust— an electronic health record system

●      Lina eGovernment— a digital identity developer for governments 

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Spackman Media Group Artist Son Ye-jin to Endorse Philippines’ Smart Communications

Spackman Media Group Artist Son Ye-jin to Endorse Philippines’ Smart Communications

  • Represented by MSteam Entertainment, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the associated company of Spackman Entertainment Group, Spackman Media Group, Korean top actress Son Ye-jin to be the face of Smart Signature, the post-paid brand of Philippines ‘ Smart Communications
  • After its massive record-breaking viewership success in Korea, CRASH LANDING ON YOU, headlined by Son Ye-jin, achieved #1 on Japan’s Netflix for four months and was consistently one of the top 10 Trending Netflix Shows in the Philippines and one of the top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows in the United States

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 7 August 2020 Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (“Spackman Entertainment Group” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group“), one of Korea’s leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that preeminent Korean actress Son Ye-jin of MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. (“MSteam Entertainment“), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group’s associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited (“Spackman Media Group“), signed an agreement to endorse Smart Communications Inc. (“Smart Communications“), a leading telecommunication service provider in the Philippines. Son Ye-jin is to be the face of Smart Signature, the post-paid brand of Smart Communications.

Son Ye-jin’s latest tvN K-drama, CRASH LANDING ON YOU, achieved massive record-breaking viewership success in Korea and became a top hit in Japan, attaining #1 on Japan’s Netflix for four months. The K-drama was consistently one of the top 10 trending Netflix shows in the Philippines and one of the top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows in the United States.


Son Ye-jin’s recent films include BE WITH YOU (2018), THE NEGOTIATION (2018) and THE LAST PRINCESS (2016), all of which were invested by the Group and/or Spackman Media Group.


During May this year, Son Ye-jin was voted as the #1 Korean female celebrity by netizens on the community portal DCInside based on a poll.  In 2018, Son Ye-jin’s performance in BE WITH YOU, which broke the all-time first week box office historical record for romance film in Korea, clinched her the Best Actress Award at the Seoul Awards.  Son Ye-jin also received the Prime Minister’s Commendations at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards and won the Best Actress for Hallyu Dramas at the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards, underscoring her international status as an iconic Korean actress.


In 2016, Son Ye-jin won the Best Actress Award in the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards based on her performance in THE LAST PRINCESS.

About Spackman Entertainment Group Limited

Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (“SEGL” or the “Company“), and together with its subsidiaries, (the “Group“), founded in 2011 by Charles Spackman, is one of Korea’s leading entertainment production groups. SEGL is primarily engaged in the independent development, production, presentation, and financing of theatrical motion pictures in Korea. According to Variety, Korea was the world’s fourth largest box office market in 2019, behind only North America, China and Japan.   

The Group also invests into and produces Korean television dramas. In addition to our content business, we also own equity stakes in entertainment-related companies and film funds that can financially and strategically complement our existing core operations. SEGL is listed on the Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited under the ticker 40E.


Production Labels


SEGL’s wholly-owned Zip Cinema Co., Ltd. (“Zip Cinema“) is one of the most recognised film production labels in Korea and has originated and produced some of Korea’s most commercially successful theatrical films, consecutively producing 10 profitable movies since 2009 representing an industry leading track record. Recent theatrical releases of Zip Cinema’s motion pictures include some of Korea’s highest grossing and award-winning films such as CRAZY ROMANCE (2019), DEFAULT (2018), MASTER (2016), THE PRIESTS (2015), COLD EYES (2013), and ALL ABOUT MY WIFE (2012). For more information on Zip Cinema, do visit 

SEGL also owns Novus Mediacorp Co., Ltd. (“Novus Mediacorp“), an investor, presenter, and/or post-theatrical distributor for a total of 79 films (58 Korean and 21 foreign) including ROSE OF BETRAYAL, THE OUTLAWS and SECRETLY, GREATLY, which was one of the biggest box office hits of 2013 starring Kim Soo-hyun of MY LOVE FROM THE STARS, as well as FRIEND 2: THE GREAT LEGACY. In 2012, Novus Mediacorp was also the post-theatrical rights distributor of ALL ABOUT MY WIFE, a top-grossing romantic comedy produced by Zip Cinema. In 2018, THE OUTLAWS, co-presented by Novus Mediacorp broke the all-time highest Video On Demand (“VOD“) sales records in Korea. For more information on Novus Mediacorp, do visit 

The Company owns a 100% equity interest in Simplex Films Limited (“Simplex Films“) which is an early stage film production firm. Simplex Films has the following films in the pipeline namely, A BOLT FROM THE BLUE, IRREVOCABLE PROMISE and OUR SUPERSTAR K.

The Company owns a 100% equity interest Take Pictures Pte. Ltd. (“Take Pictures“) which has a line-up of several films including STONE SKIPPING, GUARDIAN (working title) and the co-production with Zip Cinema for THE PRIESTS 2.

The Company owns a 100% equity interest in Greenlight Content Limited which is mainly involved in the business of investing into dramas and movies, as well as providing consulting services for the production of Korean content.

The Company owns a 20% equity interest in The Makers Studio Co. Ltd., which plans to produce and release four upcoming films, the first of which will be THE ISLAND OF THE GHOST’S WAIL, a comedy horror film.

Our films are theatrically distributed and released in Korea and overseas markets, as well as for subsequent post-theatrical worldwide release in other forms of media, including online streaming, cable TV, broadcast TV, IPTV, video-on-demand, and home video/DVD, etc. We release all of our motion pictures into wide-theatrical exhibition initially in Korea, and then in overseas and ancillary markets.

Talent Representation


The Company holds an effective shareholding interest of 43.88% in Spackman Media Group Limited (“SMGL“). SMGL, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, together with its subsidiaries, is collectively one of the largest entertainment talent agencies in Korea in terms of the number of artists under management, including some of the top names in the Korean entertainment industry. SMGL operates its talent management business through renowned agencies such as MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-jung, Ko Sung-hee), UAA&CO Inc. (Song Hye-kyo, Yoo Ah-in, Park Hyung-sik), Fiftyone K Inc. (So Ji Sub, Ok Taec-yeon), SBD Entertainment Inc. (Bae Doo-na, Son Suk-ku), and Kook Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Kim Sang-kyung, Kim Ji-young). Through these full-service talent agencies in Korea, SMGL represents and guides the professional careers of a leading roster of award-winning actors/actresses in the practice areas of motion pictures, television, commercial endorsements, and branded entertainment. SMGL leverages its unparalleled portfolio of artists as a platform to develop, produce, finance and own the highest quality of entertainment content projects, including theatrical motion pictures, variety shows and TV dramas. This platform also creates and derives opportunities for SMGL to make strategic investments in development stage businesses that can collaborate with SMGL artists. SMGL is an associated company of the Company.

The Company owns a 100% equity interest in Constellation Agency Pte. Ltd. (“Constellation Agency“). Constellation Agency, which owns The P Factory Co., Ltd. (“The P Factory“) and Platform Media Group Co., Ltd. (“PMG“), is primarily involved in the business of overseas agency for Korean artists venturing into the overseas market. The P Factory is an innovative marketing solutions provider specializing in event and branded content production. PMG is a talent management agency which represents and manages the careers of major artists in film, television, commercial endorsements and branded entertainment.


Strategic Businesses


The Company owns a 100% equity interest in Frame Pictures Co., Ltd. (“Frame Pictures“). Frame Pictures is a leader in the movie/drama equipment leasing business in Korea. Established in 2014, Frame Pictures has worked with over 25 top directors and provided the camera and lighting equipment for some of Korea’s most notable drama and movie projects including ITAEWON CLASS (2020), HOW TO BUY A FRIEND (2020), KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982 (2019), FOUR MEN (2019) and ASADAL CHRONICLES (2019). 

Previously, Frame Pictures was also involved in GIRL COPS (2018), MALMOI (2018), SUITS (2018), MISTRESS (2018), LIFE (2018), LIVE (2018), MONEY FLOWER (2017), SWEET REVENGE (2017), BAD GUYS 2 (2017), THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA (2016) and VETERAN (2015).

We also operate a café-lounge called Upper West, in the Gangnam district of Seoul and own a professional photography studio, noon pictures Co., Ltd.


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K11 x MOCA presents MOCA Masks exclusively in Asia Pacific

K11 x MOCA presents MOCA Masks exclusively in Asia Pacific

K11 unveils exclusive partnership in Asia Pacific with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) to showcase limited-production MOCA Masks at K11 MUSEA, with designs by globally celebrated artists Virgil Abloh, Mark Grotjahn, Alex Israel, Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, Catherine Opie, Pipilotti Rist, Hank Willis Thomas, and Andy Warhol

Available for pre-order, Friday 7 August via K11 eshop

#K11 MUSEA #MOCAmasks #CSV #SiliconValleyOfCulture


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 7 August 2020 – K11 is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with The Museum of Contemporary
Art (MOCA) to present limited-production MOCA Masks in Asia Pacific. The MOCA
Masks (#MOCAmasks) feature nine
designs by globally celebrated artists, and are available for pre-order from 7
August 2020 through the K11 e-shop:
Each mask retails at HKD 320 and is available for express delivery to consumers
in Asia Pacific.

Driven by the vision of
“Creating Shared Value” by Adrian Cheng, Group and CEO of New World Development
(NWD), the K11 Group continues to bring positive change to society through this
exclusive first partnership with MOCA, bringing fashionable options to an
everyday necessity, while supporting artists’ creativity.

These collectable items include an exclusive creation for K11 by artist
Alex Israel which features a sunset palette design mask with a specially
designed iconic artist portrait pin. Other designs include a colourful floral
design mask by Andy Warhol that echoes the same artwork which is in MOCA’s
permanent collection,   Yoko Ono’s puzzle
design “A Piece of Sky”, Mark Grotjahn’s geometric style pattern and Catherine
Opie’s “Bo from Being and Having (detail)”. For those who love typography, the
collection also offers Virgil Abloh’s “Still Speaks Loudly”, Barbara Kruger’s “Better
Safe Than Sorry”, and Hank Willis Thomas’ “Life, Handle with Care”.


#MOCAmasks Limited-Production
by Nine Globally Celebrated Artists

Thanks to incredible artists Virgil Abloh, Mark Grotjahn, Alex Israel,
Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, Catherine Opie, Pipilotti Rist, Hank Willis Thomas,
and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, being a responsible and
caring citizen amongst citizens just became even more beautiful. This is MOCA’s
first mask project and reflects the museum’s commitment to making the
experience of art accessible and encouraging the urgency of contemporary
expression. Made in Los Angeles, these masks are available in APAC via the exclusive K11 x MOCA partnership. The
nine special designs will be shown at the Gold Ball on the second floor of K11
MUSEA in Hong Kong.


“As a MOCA trustee, I am proud to be bringing this meaningful project
#MOCAmasks to Asia Pacific,” says Adrian Cheng. “These limited edition designs
showcase the creativity of some of the world’s most respected artists, and I
hope they provide stylish options to the global community and help people adapt
to the new normal, all while supporting the art industry at the same time.”


MOCA Director Klaus Biesenbach adds:
“Wearing a mask communicates that you’re mindful of protecting others,
your community, and yourself. I am so grateful to the artists participating in
the #MOCAmasks initiative. Being a responsible and caring citizen amongst
citizens just became even more beautiful because of these artists’
contributions! MOCA is thrilled to partner with K11 on this project and
thrilled to make these masks available to mindful and caring art lovers in Asia.”


Shared Value

Adrian Cheng became the first conglomerate in Hong Kong to play a
leading role in helping those in need during the pandemic.


In February, NWD launched a new shared platform #LoveWithoutBorders, in
an effort to provide creative and sustainable solutions to challenges brought
about by the pandemic, including setting up an anti-epidemic fund of $10
million for Hong Kong-based families via NWD’s charitable foundation, raising
funding for local communities through K11 campaigns including “Love Power” and
“#ShareToInspireBid”, building its own mask production lines in Hong Kong, and
launching “Mask-To-Go” dispensers available in thirty-seven designated centres
run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across all eighteen of HK’s districts
to ease recipients’ anxiety about the shortage of masks.

#MOCAmasks Design Process:

The designs of #MOCAmasks are unique or existing works that have been
specially adapted for this unique project.  
Each mask is handled much like an art work from creative to curatorial
to production and presentation. The curatorial journey of #MOCAmasks has been a
labour of love. All masks are crafted in Los Angeles and vary in fabric
depending on the design, including 100% Cotton, Cotton Blends (98% Cotton, 2%
Elastane), or 100% Polyester Micro-Fiber. #MOCAmasks are for decorative use
only.   The mask shape is meant to fit a
wide range of faces comfortably and securely, including children over 10 years
old. Masks can be adjusted based on construction and are made with two layers
of fabric, featuring a pocket on the inside with open sides for the option of
individual filter insertion.




Virgil Abloh, Still Speaks Loudly (@virgilabloh)

Virgil Abloh (b. 1980, Rockford, Illinois) is an artist, architect, engineer, creative director, and fashion designer. After earning a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he completed a Master’s degree in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was here that he learned not only about design principles but also crafted the principles of his art practice. He studied a curriculum devised by Mies van der Rohe, on a campus he designed. Currently, he is the Chief Creative Director and founder of Off-White™and the Artistic Director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton.


Alex Israel, Mask for MOCA (@alexisrael)

Alex Israel (b. 1982, Los Angeles, California). For the last decade, Israel’s art has embraced pop-culture as a global language. Trafficking in the invisible stardust of Hollywood and the detritus of film production–backdrops, sets and props–while riding the wave of the Internet and social media–as online talk-show host, eyewear and clothing designer, filmmaker and hologram–Israel’s art practice doubles as a brand, centered around a Southern Californian millennial lifestyle for which his iconic profile-in-shades-logo becomes a sly emblem, mobilized across high-visibility platforms from the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion and tech. Embedded within each of Israel’s endeavors is not only a landscape (of LA) and a portrait (of himself), but a cool and savvy meditation on a world fueled by celebrity, product placement and influence. A sort of sphinx behind dark lenses, the artist provokes an interrogation of the role of contemporary art in this new world.


Andy Warhol, Flowers (@warholfoundation)

As the preeminent American artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol challenged the world to see art differently. Since its founding in 1987, in accordance with Warhol’s will, The Andy Warhol Foundation has established itself among the leading funders of contemporary art in the United States. The Foundation has distributed over $200,000,000 in cash grants which support the contemporary visual arts, particularly work that is experimental, under-recognized or challenging in nature. Proceeds the Foundation receives from licensing projects such as this contribute to the Foundation’s endowment from which these grants are distributed. For more information visit


Yoko Ono, A Piece of Sky (@yokoonoofficial)

Yoko Ono (b. 1933, Tokyo, Japan) is a multi-media artist working in performance, instruction, film, installation, sculpture, music, and writing. A forerunner in conceptual art involving collaboration, audience participation, and social activism since the early 1960s, Ono challenges viewers’ understanding of art and the world around them. Her influence spans many of the key artistic movements of the late 20th century including Fluxus, conceptual art, video art, and feminism. In addition to her work as a visual artist, Ono is also a musical pioneer, both an accomplished singer and songwriter.


Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Creamsicle Covid 19) (@markgrotjahn)

Mark Grotjahn (b. 1968, Pasadena, California) combines gesture and geometry with abstraction and figuration in visually dynamic paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Each of his series reflects a range of art-historical influences and unfolds in almost obsessive permutations. He received a BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MFA from the University of California at Berkeley. Throughout his work, by finding variations within his immediately identifiable style, Grotjahn reveals the complexities of authorial gesture.


Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Better Safe Than Sorry) (@barbarakruger45)

Barbara Kruger (b. 1945, Newark, New Jersey) is an artist who works with pictures and words in the hopes of revealing and resisting socially ingrained assumptions about power: how it determines who lives and who dies, who is healed and who is housed, who speaks and who is silenced, who is visible and who is marginalized.


Catherine Opie, Bo from Being and Having (detail) (@csopie)

Catherine Opie (b. 1961, Sandusky, Ohio) is one of the preeminent artists of her generation working with photography. She earned a BFA from SFAI in 1985 and an MFA from CalArts in 1988. Her work is held in over 50 major collections throughout the world. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Guggenheim Fellowship, The Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art Medal and a United States Artists Fellowship. She is the Lynda and Stewart Resnick endowed Chair in Art and Professor of Photography at UCLA.


Pipilotti Rist, Smart Yuji (@pipilotti_rist_studio)

Pipilotti Rist (b. 1962, Rheintal, Switzerland) is a multimedia artist. She studied graphic design, illustration and photography at the Institute of Applied Arts in Vienna, as well as audiovisual communications and video at the School of Design in Basel. Rist is a pioneering video artist, she developed an aesthetic that takes its cues from television, advertising, and feminist video work. From her earliest tapes through her recent multi-media installations, Rist’s body of work explores the intersection of sexuality, technology, and pop culture.


Hank Willis Thomas, Life, Handle with Care (@hankwillisthomas)

Hank Willis Thomas (b. 1976, Plainfield, New Jersey) is a conceptual artist working primarily with themes related to perspective, identity, commodity, media, and popular culture. Thomas’ work addresses the visual systems that perpetuate inequality and bias in bold, skillfully crafted works. Through photographs, sculpture, video, and collaborative public art projects, he invites you to consider the role of popular culture in instituting discrimination and how art can raise critical awareness in the ongoing struggle for social justice and civil rights.

Courtesy of The Museum
of Contemporary Art. © Catherine Opie, Courtesy of Regen Projects, Los Angeles
and Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong and Seoul; © 2020 The Andy Warhol Foundation
for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York;
© Yoko Ono. Used by Permission/All Rights Reserved.

About K11 Group

K11 Group was founded in 2008 by renowned entrepreneur
Adrian Cheng. The unique concept brand combines art and commerce in commercial
and residential real estate, and a growing portfolio of brands across different
sectors in Greater China and around the world.


Marking its 10th anniversary, K11 Group announced its most
ambitious Cultural-Retail development K11 MUSEA in June 2018. Situated at the
heart of the new $2.6bn Victoria


Dockside art and design district developed by parent
company New World Group in Hong Kong, K11 MUSEA fully opened in 2019.


In addition to its flagship K11 Art Malls, K11 Group also
operates K11 ATELIER, a network of office buildings for the next-generation
workforce; luxury residences for worldly travellers K11 ARTUS; open education
platform K11 Kulture Academy; consulting and market research institution K11
Future Taskforce; K11 Art Foundation, China’s first not-for-profit to incubate
Chinese artists and curators; K11 Craft & Guild, a foundation that is
dedicated to preserving traditional Chinese crafts and bringing them into the


K11 Group is based in Hong Kong and has operations in
Greater China, as well as investments in Europe and the US.


Through K11 Group, Cheng’s stated aim is to enrich the new
consumer’s daily life through the power of creativity, culture and innovation.
This work will create a new global identity for Chinese millennials as well as
cultivate opportunities for communities to thrive, connect, work and shop. By
2024, K11 Group will have gained a footprint in 36 projects (total GFA
30million sq ft) in nine cities across Greater China. K11 was honoured by Fast
Company as one of the most innovative companies in 2019 for its disruptive
retail model.


About MOCA: Founded in 1979,
MOCA is the defining museum of contemporary art. In a relatively short period
of time, MOCA has achieved astonishing growth; a world-class permanent
collection of more than 7,000 objects, international in scope and among the
finest in the world; hallmark education programs that are widely-emulated;
award-winning publications that present original scholarship; groundbreaking
monographic, touring, and thematic exhibitions of international repute that
survey the art of our time; and cutting-edge engagement with modes of new media
production. MOCA is a not-for-profit institution that relies on a variety of
funding sources for its activities.