water mafia in karachi

Water Mafia

Sindh government has been under surveillance by the intelligence agencies. Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah is reshuffling the cabinet ministers’ portfolios. It has the…

Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

The Perfect Haircut for Your Face

A haircut becomes perfect when it complements your face shape so that your face looks its best. The first step towards getting a haircut…

Malala Yousafzai

The Schoolgirl and The Taliban

A friend of mine Yasmeen Ali, a lawyer and Professor at Beaconhouse University in Pakistan has recently had her book published “A Comparative Analysis…

Rise Of The Ex-Muslim

Rise Of The Ex-Muslim

A phenomenon previously considered anathema to public discourse in Pakistan is slowly gaining traction among the urban, literate, 20-30 something demographic. ‘Atheism’, or the…

Growth of Islamic Finance

Growth of Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is developing at a remarkable pace and the number of Islamic financial institutions has raised from one to 300 in 75+ countries….