The Pakistani Youth Solidarity

The Pakistani Youth Solidarity

In the global world the youth of Pakistan is facing multifarious challenges and problems in the field of ideology. The world’s thought is full…

Pursuit of Emotions

Pursuit of Emotions

Love is a natural and universal phenomenon. Probably, everyone experiences love in his/her life but the attitude and experience vary from person to person….

Shahid Saleem Butt

All nations vs. Muslims

Everybody has turned his/her head towards finding faults with Muslims and is trying his/her best to make it sure that Muslims see their downfall….

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un

North South Korean Conflict

There is an imminent threat of war between North and South Korea. North has threatened south if it does not stop anti North Korea…

PM Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz

Cancellation of Pak-India Talks

India has cancelled talks with Pakistan on a petty issue of Pakistan’s Adviser’s meeting with Hurriyat leaders. Kashmiri leaders are part of any resolution…

Imran Khan and Ayaz Sadiq

Speaker Ayaz Sadiq De-seated

According to Election Tribunal’s decision election of NA 122 has been declared null and void. Ayaz Sadiq was de-seated, and ordered re-election in this…