Engineers for Sale !!!

It was a Sunday morning few months letter. I had a newspaper in my hand and discussing with a friend on employment of engineers in Pakistan. My friend Engr. J pointing out and highlighting the latest jobs in paper. At a moment he stopped and asked me one question that “Is University name matters?” We had a long debate on it and end on bet on Large Pizza at Boat basin. Engr. J gave me one month time to prove it or to spend my pocket money, which I don’t want.

The bet was on providing real and authentic pool result that University name really matters or not? I had started searching the ways to prove it, but I was losing the bet because whenever I made a pool in social media, people will vote against it.

One week gone but the result was same and I was feeling that I am loosing the bet. I thought day and night; at last I had an idea to prove it. For the very first time in my life, I had made an account on some social job portal as an employer.

Login to my account and decided the title of the job as “Electronic Service and Installation Engineer” and posted it on 09/04/2013 and set the last date to 30/04/2013. I set the location as Karachi and salary as low as Rs. 6K, personally I feel then no sensible engineer will reply to such kind of advertise.

It was a Wednesday 10th April, 2013. I had log in to my employer account and I was shocked to saw more than 100 resume in just 24 hours and close my account with tears in my eyes that what I had done.

Time gone day by day to end of the month. It’s a great morning because a holiday as it’s Labor Day, I login to my employer account and ready to read the resumes one by one. It was almost 260+ resumes. I was shocked to saw that not only it’s from Karachi or Sindh, but it’s from all over the Pakistan.

Now I want to show you some reality of Engineering Universities, according to HEC Ranking: NUST, UET Lahore, UET Texila, MUET, NED, QUEST and SSUET are among top 15 Engineering Universities. Now look at the chart and number of applicants from all over the Pakistan. The chart consists of the big names as well as the higher number of applicants.

Received bunches of resume not only from electronics background, but also different faculties such as: Electrical, Telecommunication, Bio Medical etc. I was really shocked to see the IIEE, NUST and UET students. I had won the bet but my eyes were full of tears but my prayers for all.

MORAL OF THE STORY AND REQUEST: There is one question you all are thinking that “Why I wrote this article and why I show myself to the world? “, hmmm there are two reasons behind the story. First one is “the privacy issue” or you can ask yourself first that are you mailing your resume to some authentic place? Second reason is we all have to become serious in our life and not disgrace our selves by applying or doing job in just 6,000. Universities must have to take action against such type of issue by providing professional career counseling to polish the students.

I request not only Pakistan Engineering Council but also Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to make some rule and set an honorable salary for an Engineer. I would like to request Mr. Mian Muhammad Mansha (Nishat Group), Mr. Anwer Pervaiz (Best Way Group), Saddaruddin Hashwari (Pearl continental), Nasir Schoon, Abud Razaq Yaqoob and many more big name of Pakistan to invest in the country, so the Engineers will get good opportunities.

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