Mr Bean ‘Rowan Atkinson’ converted to Islam

News surprised world as comedy star Rowan Atkinson famously known as “Mr. Bean” reportedly converted to Islam.

Rowan Atkinson – Famous comedy star style “silent comedy” Mr. Bean has now adorned many Islamic media and social networking sites about the Islamic faith.

As reported by a news portal, comedy star whose real name is Rowan Atkinson became interested in Islam after watching the movie “innocent of Muslims.”

Film “innocent of Muslims” at the center of anti-US protests in the Middle East which have precipitated in the murder of a diplomat was made by an Israeli-American.

The movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” was directed and produced by Sam Bacile, a 52-year-old real-estate developer from southern California.

Former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had imposed the ban after YouTube refused to remove blasphemous film The Innocence of the Muslims from its website.

The website was blocked about a year ago. Since then various segments of the society have demanded the restoration of access to the website.

“Islam is a cancer,” Bacile had told the newspaper of his crudely-produced film, which depicts the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

‘Mr Bean’ does not talk much when he was asked by the media about his Islamic faith. He just picked it up as a finger gesture.

According to several sources of media portals, Sheikh Rashid Ghannousyi is one of a mentor Mr Bean, congratulated to him after he embraced to Islam.

According to him, Sheikh Rashid very close contact with Mr. Bean long ago when they were still living in London. At that time, it has also long been a teacher.


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