Leighla Schultz retaliates by posting private photos of Seth Rollins, Zahara Schreiber

Seth Rollins

You can almost hear speak of a matter revenge porn, a practice of revenge against an ex-spreading on the Internet, photos, videos or sexual content from that to this. This is what unfortunately happened to WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

To replace the background, Seth Rollins is engaged to Leighla Schultz since last summer. She has discovered that her fiancé maintained an affair with another wrestler, Diva Zahara Schreiber, recently arrived in NXT.

The photos circulated on social networks were released by none other than Leighla Schultz, the fiancee of the wrestler.

Post by Leighla Schultz.

Engaged since last summer, Leighla Schultz did not like to hear that the love of her life having an affair. In revenge, Leighla Schultz chooses an unsavory solution, she decided to publish nude photos of Seth Rollins and Zahara Schreiber on WWE superstars accounts Instagram and Twitter. She later admitted that she was responsible for the publication of these images.

Seth Rollins and Zahara Schreiber big risk in this case because in the world of wrestling, we do not appreciate this kind of clichés. The wrestler apologized on Twitter but is this it will be not enough to have sanctions?

Although he did not really have to do, not being at the origin of the published photos, Seth Rollins apologized on Twitter after RAW.

Later in the evening a fan said in a podcast, Asked with Riv & Landin and she kept it a kind of distance relationship where the two exchanged photos and sexual messages on various social networks after meeting at a show of the WWE in Canada.


A question that comes up now on everyone’s lips: what it means for Zahara Schreiber and Seth Rollins about their future in the WWE? As we know, the company of the McMahon family entertainment is its image and don’t like this kind of scandal. We remember the case between Drew McIntyre and his fiancee Taryn Terrell in 2011, a dispute between the two in a hotel had required the intervention of the police. Taryn was suspended and sent back and Drew McIntyres career has never taken off then.

Since 2013, WWE has added a morality clause in its contracts it signed its Superstars. Put simply, a bit like the Miss France the wrestlers and wrestlers must be sure that there is no photo, video to inappropriate content on the Internet or that are likely to be published. Otherwise, this will not work superstar in WWE. The question is where does the inappropriate since if we take the case of Lana, nothing has ever been reproached her despite her past as a model.

It is not yet known whether sanctions will be applied, but knowing the differences in treatment between beginners and confirmed superstars in WWE, it, unfortunately, does not expensive future Zahara Schreiber within the company. As for Seth Rollins, sanctions are not to be excluded in the coming days.


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