Insecure Kareena’s sarcastic laugh

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan

Everything can seem at its edge when it comes to Bollywood film stars and Superstars. Working together in a movie with a co-actress or co-actor can become a major problem for either one of their spouses. Similarly this has also been spotted as a problem for Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend, the much glamorous Kareena Kapoor. Rumors say it that Saif and Bipasha Basu seemed to have developed some chemistry on the sets of Race 2. Upon hearing this news, Kareena denied the fact that she has no insecurities about her relationship with Saif and such rumors aren’t a part of her life. The zero-sized actress just gave a laugh over what she had heard. The question is, was it just a publicity stunt to hide her true feelings and reaction from the media?

She said, “I encourage Saif to please work with everybody. He is free to work with whoever he wants to, it is not my concern. Even I am free to work with whoever I want, Saif never interferes. My career will always be the way it is. Work is my passion. Both Saif and I are very urban and contemporary in our thoughts. We have our own space, he does his own thing. We don`t even discuss work and I don`t think Saif has ever asked me which film I am doing. He probably gets to know from the newspapers and magazines (laughs). If I am in a meeting, he doesn`t even ask me who I had a meeting with. He is the most supportive man I could have asked for.”

Even though the two successful people in Bollywood are said to tie the knot on the 16th of October, lets not hope there is any problem in the following months to discrepancy the wedding.


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