Veena Malik marriage material?

Veena Malik

After the steady gossip decline of Veena Malik’s nude pictures on the FMH Magazine cover with ISI written on her upper arm, the Actress started hosting a show namely, “Veena ke shaadi.” In this programme people from around applied and entered into a competition as to who would qualify till the end of the show and end up marrying the actress. However even though this method of finding the perfect “groom” for herself failed, the actress still succeeded in impressing a person who became a fan and wanted to tie the knot.

Raja Chaudhary who has already been divorced, fell in complete appreciation and desire to marry Veena during the music release of, “Daal mein kuch kaala hai.”  The single man was indeed taken aback by the actress which enabled him to cross all of his limitations including naming the Actress, “Raja Malik”.

This man was not just brought under spotlight and talks but before his urge for Veena, Raja Chaudhry has been atop of the headlines for accusation and mental torture of his ex-wife, Shweta. Not only this, but has also been accused of other physical and mental tortures including his daughters boyfriend and other actresses on set. However the most important news will be that will Raja Chaudhry be successful in Veena Maliks hand in marriage and will Veena, knowing what sort of a man Raja is alongside his accusation and widespread criticism, be ready to accept him as her husband


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