Charlize Theron cut her locks

Looks like one way or the other, Hollywood tends to make it’s cast and lead roles do what they want. Yes, we are talking about Charlize Theron who got her beautiful locks cut down for her upcoming filming. The 36 year old beautiful female was seen with an entire new look. However, there seems to be a twist in the story.

She might have not denied on changing her hairstyle but seems so that she can’t still accept it yet as she has been going around wearing a round hat to hide her shaved head. Being a Hollywood star with a beautiful face structure and an attractive figure, it seems so that Charlize still can’t agree to the fact that her once beautiful blonde long hair are no more there. The hat being there on her head proves that she is not yet willing to show off her look just as yet.

Apart from the hair-do, she is anxiously awaiting to play the lead role with Tom Hardy and cannot wait for the cameras to start shooting. The young actress said, “I feel like the original ‘Mad Max’ created such a vivid world, that to go back and re-imagine it and kind of replay in that sandbox sounds like fun to me. I’m very excited about it; I’m (expletive) dying! It’s been three years; it’s time to skin this cat already!”


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