Ismail Gulgee, a pride for the nation?

Bonhams is a summer sale of modern and contemporary South Asian Artists held in London annually. This year, the sale consisted of works by well-known Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan artists. The exhibition displayed a stunning image by one of Pakistan’s foremost modern artists, Ismail Gulgee.

Apart from the display, the auction presented the largest group of works by Pakistani masters to ever be auctioned at an international auction. Ismail Gulgee’s “Buzkashi” was given a substantial price between Rs. 2 Million and Rs. 3.6 Million. Also one of the highlights of this section went for Rs.9 Million. The painting, oil-on-canvas work depicts Afghamistan’s national sports.

Guljee, as he was famously known, received many requests for his paintings internationally, from the Saudi royal family to the Islamabad presidency. Many of his works are placed in the “Faisal Mosque” in Islamabad. Guljee also received many awards, including in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and France.

Guljee’s exhibitions have mostly been available to few people. Keeping that in mind and high demand from public and lovers of his works, an art gallery for Guljee has been built in Clifton, Karachi near South City Hospital and Sea View Karachi. Guljee mostly painted for his own inspirations and vision. Although selected paintings are available for sale in Guljee art gallery.


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