Julie Bhosale shows the evolution of her postpartum body after childbirth

Julie Bhosale and son Sahan

Young mothers tired of seeing the stars and supermodels to find a perfect body in record time, show their truth with #takebackpostpartum movement (resuming postpartum). Julie Bhosale is one of them.

Julie Bhosale said: “I am a mother. I’m tired and I hurt all over. I trademarks, beads. You too are a mother. And you too live in a world that judges us on our appearance, not what one feels, on who we are, or what we sacrificed -and we still sacrifice.”

Julie Bhosale is nutritionist in New Zealand. After giving birth to her second son, 17 January 2015, she decided to show on her blog evolution of her postpartum belly. Just to show the reality, not that of models or celebrities who found a perfect body in record time, but the moms every day.

“I fought for [our second child], she wrote. I inflicted on my body a medically assisted procreation. My body was broken ‘just’ carrying my son to term. These photos have never imagined do not show the whole story. I could hardly walk, it triggered my delivery because every day was a battle to keep wearing it in me before, and I would run marathons for fun Yes.., fun. There, I could not walk to the letters in the box, much less hold my two-year-old son in her arms.”

Julie Bhosale joined #takebackpostpartum approach (“resuming postpartum”). The person at the origin of the movement on social networks is Harshe January. Shocked to discover on Instagram images, ads or spam sent to postpartum women – “the opposite of self-esteem, it is rather the self-hatred” – she said in January 2015, an Instagram account to present the body of the post-birth as woman. “Being healthy and with a muscular body is great, said Harshe January. But here, there is no question of comparison but unity. We don’t need that launches us that we are not well enough. We don’t need lotions, potions or body wraps. We need love, elegance, friendship and support.”

Julie Bhosale

Julie Bhosale

“Our bodies change much …”

Julie Bhosale, join this movement with a blog made ​​sense, personally and professionally, “We live in a society which presents us daily images of women who have recovered their pregnancy quickly the better. For her (really, Kate Middleton, you are amazing!), but it is only a minority. For most of us, our bodies change … a lot. It’s scary, it’s hard, it can be disgusting and frustrating, but it’s quite normal. Although I am a health professional, I am also a mother and my body did not recover quickly.”

Julie Bhosale has chronicled the evolution of her body and feelings, 24 hours after birth to more than 14 weeks. “You don’t perhaps look like a supermodel of Victoria’s Secret, but focus on what you feel. You will have the appearance you need only when you feel good. This may take time, you will be judged, but remember: you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you are a mother.”


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