Piranha, where’s the bite?

Piranha 3dd

Piranha 3DD is a horror-comedy mixed film following the sequel of Piranha 3D of 2010. The production of this movie began on the 27th of April 2011 and a release date set for 23rd November 2011. However the release of this movie followed some problems and this was eventually released ONLY in the UK and US on the 11th of May’12 and the 1st of June’12

The movie faced insults from the critics and viewers worldwide. The release date was also delayed as the November deadline could not be met. Then furthermore in 2012 it was announced that the film would be coherently hit the theatres on the 3rd of March and through VOD (Video on demand) services.

Piranha 3DD has received very negative reviews, and currently holds a 12% approval rating and middling rating of 3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 43 reviews. The agreement states: “It strains to up the gore and self-awareness of its forerunner and despite some game celebrity cameos — the result is a dispiriting echo of 2010’s horror-comedy. It also has 24% on Metacritic, which is “generally unfavorable” on their rating system. Leslie Felperin of Variety gave the film a pessimistic review, stating, ups the self-parody so much that it’s virtually a Wayans Brothers spoof, even though with fewer jokes. Ben Rawson-Jones gave the film a contemptuous review with a rating of 1/5 stars, highly decisive of the use of 3D and direction, despite his gratification of the original film.


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