Nationalism or Racialism – Democracy

Democracy’s definition is for the people and by the people. Every one comes to lunatic point to see current system of democracy after long run struggle, suffering, and persecution. The country is still in uncertainty even under terror of extremists, kidnappers and robbers to steal peace of families, children and women where nobody is safe.

Now the definition of democracy had been changed into jeopardy by people for leader due to a criminal, who had been supervising for leader on people, people who had changed vision and dream of Founder of country, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Then what is difficult for them to change the definition of democracy. The situation of a country leads to the complete destruction of whole country by people for leader but not for country, where is no one safe in his own country. Everywhere is uncertainty?

The management and administration helps the robber to steal the peace by people for leader through terror of extremist groups. After suffering so much, the mentality of people had been changed to get everything illegally; it is ground reality and root cause of all kind of crime by people for leader.

Such kind of mentality only gives benefits to a few people who are heads, they thought for democracy to illuminate people for some time and demarcate people into detention. There is no real kind of democracy that gives collectively benefits to the common people of nation but only to a few people of their specific favoritism.

Everyone wants to see democracy in the country but how it is possible with these kinds of mentality of extremism. There is no system to handle pure democracy for welfare of the common people to have confidence in nationalism.

The democracy has accountability of everything to give credit to country’s benefit. But in this current system of democracy, there is only word of awareness but in practical system, there is nothing. There is only racialism, civil dictatorship, discrimination, conflict, confusion, frustration, grief, deception and barbarian from all aspects of daily life.

Worshiping personal interests, personalities will not give any credit to the country. Now who will be Messiah of democracy for whole country? Do we find nationalism in whole country Pakistan in any part of daily life? But we really face only extremism and personal interest of someone. Will it give benefit to our country Pakistan?

If someone stands on positive motives for country’s prosperity, humanity, dignity of honesty, he/she had been considered as traitor because he did not talk about someone personal interests and did not adopt their ways of selfishness.

After watching condition of economic policies, Pakistan is under international huge loans, even there is no policy to return those loans for peace of country or to solve matters of conflict, frustration, disputes, deception. But authorities want to keep themselves in the mode of all enjoyment, selfishness, rudeness and extremism.

The whole industry of the country and good international relationship had been fallen down because of extremism. But question is who sincere with the country. Everyone is thinking about himself than stability of the country. They live in Pakistan but they have bank balances in foreign countries. They don’t give credit to their own country’s bank for profits. They are getting Pakistan into losses.

They are enjoying their luxurious which they had got free of cost through “black money, RISWAT, editorship, amendment, religious and civil dictatorship of someone personal interest and scheme to become rich”

We are not in favor of martial laws but what system will defend our country’s stability and human rights. I also raised slogan for democracy in past years and still. But current situation did not give solution for human rights and country. How we all can go to other countries for peace of mind, rules and regulations of country for human rights.

Everyone’s moral is down because of current system, if anyone wants to do good for humanity, he could not and can not do because of terror of political and religious extremists. Everyone is helpless because of system, people expects from the Government of country for justice and democracy.

Today, I was reading about some reports of different social organization from news and magazines. Some of them that I want to share with you in this article of “nationalism and racialism”, after reading analysis of different social organization’s reports which are working on roots causes of minorities and stability of country.

On 29th January 2014, “REAT” arranged sitting with parliamentarian members in Karachi, their motive was to give justice to the minorities and to know about role of Non – Muslim in parliament. Organizations presented their views and reports to eliminate minority’s problems. Christian and Hindus cannot elect their member in the parliament, even they are in majority in that area.

Shanaz Shedi of “ South Asia Partnership” shared objectives of meeting to know, what is role of parliamentarian for the minorities and what they are performing their duties in parliament to solve minorities problems. She shared that social and human rights worker went to the societies to know about real situation, ground realities and treatment with minorities. Now it is need to get together and find solution for betterment of the country and solve problems of minorities.

Karison Sharma, Chairman of “REAT network” shared that minorities are in danger of extremism in Pakistan.

Bernar B. Newton of “Christian social Upliftment organization” is working for interfaith harmony and member of Pak – US alimony, Jacobabad, Pakistan. He said that it is sorrowful about situation of minorities. Christian girls and women are forcibly converted to the Islam. If someone said to us as minority person, we are discouraged to be called as minority person instead of Pakistani.

Rada Bail from Mir Pur Kas shared his grief with forum of parliament, why parliamentarian doesn’t explain rights of minorities in assemblies? We have major problem of roof, walls and we have no good dwelling place. We will have to leave our house on notice of Landlord, in this way, our families and children have no bright future in Pakistan, and we will have to suffer place to place. Children of Hari have no protection in educational institute because of discrimination. School teachers are absent from schools because they have complete favor of politicians and landlords. They treat with our children as bond servants.

Jan. M. Odano from Jacababad told that this is a district where non – Muslims are in majority, Non – Muslim forcibly converted to the Islam. Our children, girls are kidnapped. We are treated discriminated ways in daily life. We have bad example of communities about conversion, kidnapping and life threat from extremists.

Dr. J. Pal. Chabra said that founder of Pakistan again and again said in his speeches about the certainty for the rights of minorities. Now there is no need to explain more these issues about rights and democracy. People who are not obedient of the founder of Pakistan, how they will take care of human rights. He also said that why Hindus girls only are converted, why they are not converting boys. Government gives awards every year on occasion of 23th March to the different personalities performing their duties in the departments. Why Non – Muslim are not awarded?

Younas Bindani said that I am serving in the area of Thar for last 29 years among poor people. I feel that there is no government and democracy in this country. Democracy and government is just by the name. There is no one who will hear voice of poor people.

Zahid Farooq of “Urban Research Center” said that whenever censuses start about population in whole country, they should note everything exactly about Churches, temples, mosques and citizen of Pakistan. There is no one Non – Muslim on high ranks in whole country from minorities in every department of Government.

Rajesh Kumar from Mir Pur Kas said that discrimination starts from religious institution and schools. Government should take notice of this to review all books. Book’s syllabus must be without discrimination. Police station did not note FIR of Non – Muslim kidnapped girls, raped women and children because of discrimination.

Karamat Ali explained in his views that Minority word is used in different country to exclude national citizenship from national issues and national roles; it is plot to create confusion about human rights and keep them separated mentally from majority. It is not humanity.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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