Got a sore throat? How to cure viral sore throat?

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Viral or bacterial, red or white, angina or sore throat is not treated in the same manner. Here is the order of Dr. Jean-Loup Delvaux, ENT In addition to these indications, consulting a doctor is essential to establish the correct diagnosis.

With lower temperatures, we see the return of ENT infections Moreover; no less than 9 million French people are affected each year by angina.


Viralequi Angina is characterized by inflammation of the throat with redness of the tonsils predominant pharynx is treated as follows:

  • a local disinfection;
  • taking aspirin 500 mg or 1 g, repeated every four hours, not to exceed the maximum dose of 3 g per day;
  • paracetamol 500 mg or 1 g, repeated every four hours, not to exceed the maximum dose of 3 g per day;
  • taking an antitussive.
  • Sleep is restorative.
  • Taking hot drink also calm milk + honey + lemon or to book for adults, milk + honey + rum.


The use of antibiotics is indispensable e to avoid the risk of complications. It is, in general, of penicillin derivatives prescribed for at least a week. It is imperative to follow the course of treatment to prevent the selection of resistant organisms.

Antibiotic treatment is associated with symptomatic treatment: analgesic, local disinfection.

Cardiac and renal monitoring is recommended, especially if recurrent angina. In this case, besides the question of tonsillectomy because the amygdala no longer plays the role of immune filter. It becomes even harmful.

Treat non-bacterial streptococcal angina

The Rapid Diagnostic Test to streptoccoque is negative, which does not mean that angina is not bacterial. Pending the outcome of the throat swab should be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. If this is effective, it continues processing.

Otherwise, it is rectified in accordance with the result of the antibiogram.

Antibiotic treatment is also supplemented by symptomatic treatment: antipyretic, local disinfection.


Preventive treatment is started in September, he does still nice and hot or not, so that at the arrival of the first frost, he had time to take effect.

In children: may be used to cure trace elements: copper-gold-silver-copper or manganese and sulfur, 2 or 3 times per week for 2 months.


  • Homeopathy works well: MercuriusSolubilis or Sulfur in 9 or 11 CH CH at a dose per week.
  • Organotherapy diluted boosted also gives good results in 9 CH tonsils, pharynx mucosa in 7 CH.

And for all, just think the thyme tea in the evening which is a very good antiseptic systemically.


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