Royal jelly: Made by bees, it puts KOs virus!


Royal jelly is made by bees. It contains very effective compounds to take microbes distance and, if appropriate, the booster convalescence.

Royal jelly is the flagship of apitherapy. This pearlescent white matter in the exceptional nutritional composition is produced by nurse bees from honey and pollen that bees collect.

Very promising, royal jelly is the subject of much research. Part of its fatty acids would directly at some estrogen receptors and alter the production of cancer cells.

Its richness in acetylcholine helps balance the nervous system and protects memory. It would also reduce the total level of cholesterol, the mechanism remains to be elucidated. See also: 10 Tips nutritition against cholesterol.


Royal jelly contains valuable minerals, a string of antioxidants, more than ten amino acids, various sugars, high in B vitamins, fatty acids.

Scientists dissect the many years of royal jelly compounds to identify those that have an effect on our health.

Japanese researchers have shown that lipid content in royal jelly, 10-2 HDA, was able to stimulate our immune system in the presence of a virus and regulate the inflammation that accompanies the disease.

Another study Chinese this time, proved that royalisin a rich active ingredient 10-2 HDA, holding back the growth of various bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and some bacilli.

“While it is always interesting to know what this molecule, it is likely that either the action or the synergy of several compounds that gives royal jelly its properties on the immune system  , ” says Marie JosepheAmiot-Carlin, Research Director at INRA.

What about the tonic we ready to royal jelly? If, for the moment, the only conclusive research relate mice, doctors who use it regularly verify that royal jelly is a great help in times of overwork or convalescence.


Very sensitive to oxidation and fermentation, fresh royal jelly should always be stored in the refrigerator between 2 and 5 ° C.

It can be eaten on an empty stomach preferably in the morning, in order to assimilate the best nutrients it contains.

If its acid tastes hard to pass, swallowing first one teaspoon of honey flowers to “paper” the walls of the mouth and lure the palate.

Doctors recommend taking 500 mg to 1 g per day for 20 days, depending on its size and the observed effects.

For Dr. Albert Becker, president of the French association of apitherapy, “we can go to 2 g per day for a week of convalescence, or take 5 g of a sudden at the first sign of flu.”


Royal jelly is also available in capsules (300 mg of fresh royal jelly = 100 mg lyophilized) and may be associated with other immune stimulants, such as honey or propolis.

“Mixed with propolis and four drops of essential oil of eucalyptus radiata, four mornings a week, it protects adults with respiratory weakness,” says Dr. Michel Tourrasse, trainer herbal medicine and apitherapy.


Those who suffer from skin or respiratory allergies consult essential before starting a cure, because royal jelly contains many allergens. To overcome the problem, a hypoallergenic version is also under consideration.

“Royal jelly also has an estrogenic action and if some scientists believe it could help fight against cancer, it is better to wait for further studies and to dispense with caution if you suffer a hormone cancer, breast or prostate cancer,” said Dr Albert Becker.

Finally, it may interfere with an anticoagulant warfarin.


The French royal jelly is rare and expensive, because a hive gives only 1 kg per year.

So, abuses are common and the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud often call him to order some distributors who try to pretend that their royal jelly is French, although it comes from Asia where the cost is lower.

“Beehives harboring bees fed artificially produce tens of kilograms of royal jelly per year. EU law allows the importation and the name royal jelly for these substances, while their nutritional composition is very different from that obtained by letting bees forage freely, “says Dr. Becker.

This royal jelly “to the string” she has the same effects on our health? Impossible to answer yet, although specialists apitherapy doubt it.


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