Language barriers mean dubbing?

Jism 2: Sunny Leone

Looks like it, when we talk about Bollywood, anything can be expected. Characters can enact challenging scripts, item numbers, which take everyone by surprise, can be seen, and also, voices which aren’t good enough, can be dubbed. Yes, we are talking about Mahesh Bhatt’s erotic thriller in which the female-lead role is being played by Sunny Leone. He did sign her up for the film but is he now in rejection of his choice? Well, it seems so.

With the movie, “Jism 2” six weeks away from release, Mahesh saw that Leone’s voice seemed difficult with Hindi and is rethinking of changing his manuscript of the film. However with such less time and so much to risk, he has decided to dub Leone’s voice with Pooja Bhatt who is a producer. After thinking it over, he has put his decision into action and now Pooja will lend her voice to Leone’s Character.

Regarding this, an internal source reported, “Leone does not know Hindi adequately. Naturally, she will have difficulty in dubbing. Moreover, she has a typical foreign accent that makes it imperative for a desi dubbing artiste to speak up for her.”

While Pooja wasn’t vacant for comment, dad Mahesh Bhatt confirmed the news and added, “I suggested to Pooja that she should dub for Leone. In fact, I told her a few days ago. Pooja is expected to reach Mumbai in a few hours. Let’s see how things pan out.” Taking into account the sexually explicit content of the outcome, was Mahesh reconnaissance for a voice that could fit Leone’s image and character? Bhatt Sr replied nonchalantly, “Not really. But yes, there is something extra to Leone’s character in Jism 2, which I felt Pooja could bring out the best.”


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