One actor proud of the other?

Aamir Khan and Salman Khan

When it comes to Bollywood, you can always think of it as a rat race. Everyone in this industry is racing towards who can hit the blockbusters and create a name worldwide for their production, cast and lead roles. Enemies can be easily made and easily spotted; however, the hardest part is maintaining friendship with another lead role actor/actress who is at par. Consequently, looks like so that Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are the lucky one who have been there for each other through thick and thin.

Not they have shared the screen space together apart from once or so, but they seem to have been good buds and friends since a long time. They also keep taking suggestions and feedback from each other on any project or film they are working upon. For example Salman Khan was unstoppable when praising his friend Aamir Khan and praised him while he was in Dubai for his ‘Being Human’ merchandise and openly spoke of what he feels about Aamir Khan’s show, ‘Satyamev Jayte’.

“I am proud of Aamir. He is doing the best job through his show, “addressed Aamir to the public. At one time he was so touched by Aamir Khan’s show that he tweeted, “Wah yaar amirkhan, teeluu ne toh kamaal kar dikha ya , yaar ab jisko hindi nahi aati vo zara pls isko translate karva lena, thank u .”


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