Rehman Malik’s Ministry Toppled

Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court’s Senate membership interim suspension order against Rehman Malik has put the PPP government in a great jeopardy. The government has adopted a new tactic by appointing Malik as Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Affairs.

This pre-planned act of the government seems to be exactly in the line of previous Supreme Court decisions that were always thwarted by the present Peoples Party government.

Well-placed sources said that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has taken prompt action in this matter and did not let Rehman Malik go.

The Prime Minister took the allies into confidence and made a sudden move in this context. He led the Cabinet division to appoint Rehman Malik as the Advisor to the PM on Interior Affairs.

“The Division is most likely to issue the notification any time from now,” the sources proclaimed.

This decision of the government and the allies came, as always with present PPP government, as a reaction against the Supreme Court decision.

Rehman Malik has been in charge of the Interior ministry since the present elected government found its way in 2008. Rehman Malik was elected as a senator in April 2009.

Rehman Malik has recently denounced the British nationality in the light of the coming problems of this kind. It will again remain a mystery whether he left the nationality now or a few months’ before.


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