Madhuri Dixit: No such thing as a “Bollywood Dance”?

Madhuri Dixit

Stunning Madhuri Dixit who takes the stage with her beautiful and elastic body movements has been off stage for a quite a while now. However now, the actress believes that there is no specific genre for dances and dances made in Bollywood films and not restricted to a specific form of dancing of any sort. To this she says, “I think Bollywood is an amalgam of all dance styles. Bollywood has no style of its own. The style is a cliche. There are so many dance styles all over the world and we get to see them all in one song itself. So this is Bollywood’s specialty.”

By doing hit dances such as like Humko Aaj Kal Hai, Dhak Dhak, Ek Do Teen, Que Sera Sera, Kaahe Chhed Mohe and Aaja Nachle, Madhuri Dixit says, “As soon as new styles come in, like hip-hop is becoming popular now, you see dancers amalgamating it into our own dancing. The dance forms get a Bollywood twist and it becomes a new style. So Bollywood is always incorporating not just Indian and folk, but western dances too.”

With such an admirable body, as soon as Madhuri Dixit steps onto the dance floor, she sets it ablaze.


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