Split personality for Veena Malik?

Veena Malik

When it comes to Veena Malik, everyone can be sure to have heart aches, headaches and bountiful surprises for some. More like with every upcoming movie and photoshoot, Veena Malik is none the less quite excited to play her role in her upcoming Bollywood debut film, “Daal Mein Kaala Hai.”

Her role in this movie will be of a double role and the Pakistani actress will have to different “split” personalities to enact. To this fact, she is merely happier than she has ever been. She said she is VERY confident but let’s just hope she doesn’t become OVER confident about her role and acting. She also commented on this fact that even in real life, she has two roles.

“Playing a double role in real life is a new thing for me. But in real life, I actually play the double role of two girls inside me — one is Zahida Malik and other is Veena Malik, I am sure if I can play a double role in real life, it will be exciting to play a double role in a movie,” she said.

Being a Pakistani actress, Veena Malik started hitting the news and become popular after her stint on Big Boss 4 and furthermore played a role in the Bollywood hit, “The Dirty Picture.”


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