A coupled movie

Every movie has its highlights which makes it different from the rest, before and after. Seems so that this,‘highlight’ of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film, is that he is starring with Katrina Kaif. Being a Yash Chopra film, it deeply promises to be a comeback production which will give rebirth to the ‘Style and Romance’ talent Yash Chopra is talented of. 

Anushka Sharma is also part of the film production apart from Sharukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.  The development is stimulated from the 1973 movie, Daag. This 90’s movie was starring the now ill, Rajesh Khana. The roles are occupied by the gorgeous and elegant couple, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. This is the occasional time that the couple will be on set together after the movie filming of “Do Dooni Chaar” which makes the filming seem to be of a memorable time to them.

Yash Chopra solemnly promises to bring back these talented actors to the industry and not let their audience down in any scenario. It will be more like a treat to the audience to see them together after a long gap. Another story which is supposed to be gossip for everyone seems so that SRK and Katrina are having a sizzling time together which just may lead up to some accumulating chemistry between the two.


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