Delaying tactics in holding local bodies elections

Local bodies elections

KPK and Baloch governments have successfully conducted the local bodies’ elections despite their inexperience. But the Punjab and Sindh governments have shown no signs of any kind of elections happening soon. The delaying tactics of both the governments are pathetic and deny the citizens of their basic rights.

The Supreme Court is sick of them due to non compliance. Recently it instructed both these governments to hold the local bodies. The learned Judge in his remarks said both the governments should give us the solid reasons for not holding the elections. In fact these governments do not want to transfer power to the lower tier government. The delay caused is intentional. The Bench’s head Justice Jawad S. Khawaja in his remarks said that we have held fifteen hearings but they have shown no intention to hold elections.

Though Punjab has accepted its failure but Sindh has not. In many instances of welfare matters they have acted on the court’s orders. We are faced with the same situation in this case. Both the provinces have been delaying the issue beyond reason. Now they have taken the plea that due to floods, non-printing of ballot papers and demarcation of constituencies these elections be postponed. British government held elections during the Second World War and Iran held them during the Gulf war. The law and order condition has markedly improved due to operation Zarb-e-Azb. The terrorist activities have been cut down. Both the government should explain the reasons.


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