Justice (R) Wajihuddin’s Unique Perspective on PTI

Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed

Justice (R) Wajihuddin’s overtures have become a constant pain in the neck of the Khan Sahib, who has suspended him. In retaliation he has launched a protest movement. The philosophical divide has deepened. The battle lines have been marked and the bugle has sounded. There is no turning back now.

Wajihuddin is acting out of sorts. His unique perspective on the party has given rise to this protest politics, and he feels confident to win back the party from grabber mafia’s control. He wants to purge the party of these rogue elements. Wajih has no intention to step aside until his demands are met.

He is going to stick around the party, and has no intention to join any other political party. I think no other party wants to take him either. He said that KPK government wants to hold election for the local bodies but it will face tremendous difficulties due to the controlling by the grabber mafia. During the Cantonment Board elections merit was massacred in the distribution party tickets. He said it is not the same Imran Khan. No change has occurred.

He depends heavily on Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen. Tareen was the right hand man of Pervez Musharraf the former dictator. Now he is closest ally of great khan. In these circumstances it is the party that will suffer.


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