Night nurse Christina Sethi sexually abusing elder people and sending videos to her boyfriend

Christina Sethi

Christina Sethi, a resident of the British town of Torquay, worked as a night nurse at a Devon care home for the elderly. But that’s not all because the 25-year-old lady loves sexually abusing elder people. She also does not hesitate to film the scenes and send them to her boyfriend!

Christina Sethi works in the Devon care home, reported the UK’s Daily Mail. She received a sentence of ten years in prison for abusing elder people and sent videos to her boyfriend. I must say she did not go around the bush with her patients.

Plus they were aged, the more she took pleasure to sexually abuse them. An 80-year-old man, a lady in her 80s or a woman aged 101 years, some examples of people who have been sexually abused and filmed by Christina Sethi.

But that’s not all. This 25-year-old night nurse took pleasure in filming these scenes. Besides, Christina Sethi did not then hesitate to send videos to her boyfriend. The latter could then look at the performance of his beloved. For example, he received a video more than 7 minutes.

Indeed, Christina Sethi is in jail for ten years.


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