Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard continues to be a source of agony for Muslims

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

The Danish newspaper named Jyllands-Posten created a new controversy among the Muslims of different origins on the one hand and the Newspaper editors and the cartoonist – Kurt Westergaard – on the other hand when the newspaper published cartoons that depicted the Prophet Muhammad (Sallala-ho-Allaeh-e-Wassalam).

The incident raised the temperature of the Muslims to the optimum level and the murder threats were issued against the cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who had done so. Various Muslims fixed a price of his head and many others tried to find a chance to kill him.

The Danish security officials came forward to secure his life.

The Muslim organizations in Denmark objected to the issue and held public meetings to condemn the wrong that had been done to their beliefs and respect that they show for their dearest personality in the whole world, the Prophet Muhammad (Sallala-ho-Allaeh-e-Wassalam).

Muslims have been protesting since then to against these blasphemous acts while the European nations responded by publishing the same cartoons in 5o more countries.

Recently, a Somali, Mohammad Geele, 29, attempted to kill the Danish cartoonist while the latter saved his life by rushing and locking him into the bathroom. Geele is caught, convicted and faces 12 years imprisonment on the charges of attacking the cartoonist.


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