David Cameron’s good gesture!

David Cameron tucks into some Pringles.

Prime Minister of Great Britain (UK) David Cameron has surprised the passengers by traveling in the economy class of Portuguese airline. A woman took the selfie of PM’s wife and posted it on the internet. It has sensationalized the social media, which is abuzz over it.

It is definitely newsworthy, and discussion over the social network shows how much value we attach to political leaders austerity measures. David Cameron is on vacation with his family members spending time in a village of Portugal. He was returning to Britain to attend an official ceremony. This is not the first time he has traveled in the economy class of a plane.

These are the type of qualities that endears the political leaders to their people, and enhance their respect and honor.

These are the choices that good leaders make in their public as well as private life. They are progressive and enlightened individuals who care about the nation.

Our political leaders should learn from the god example set by the British Prime Minister. May Allah help them in establishing good examples.


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