All nations vs. Muslims

Shahid Saleem Butt

Everybody has turned his/her head towards finding faults with Muslims and is trying his/her best to make it sure that Muslims see their downfall. Well, let me tell you one thing, you may find faults with the acts of Muslims, the things that they do, the corruptions that some of them do, but you will never be able to find any fault with the message of God, Islam. The Holy Quran is there to challenge you wherever you go and whenever you like to accept it. The truth of Islam is conspicuous in this Holy Book and there is no evasion from it.

Almost all nations of the world, feelingly or unfeelingly, knowingly or unknowingly, have joined hands to curb Muslims but all of them are unaware of the reality that Islam is the religion of God and not a manmade creation. So, they will lose their grounds in the end as reality always prevails and it comes forward out of all opponent propagandist forces without any blemish on it as it is the ultimate reality completely soaked in the beauty of the most beautiful Prophet of God, Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

O nations of the world, you have been fighting against Muslims for the last 1500 years and have remained unsuccessful in your final goal of overpowering almost all Muslims spiritually on many occasions of history. Though you have been able to suppress Muslims physically in one disguise or the other, you have never been able to lead them away from the message of God, conveyed to them through the Holy Quran. This is the time for you to make the final decision of either leaving them alone or to put forth your arguments against this message of Islam. This is the world of communication and, if you are right, your message will reach the world within no time.

O Muslims, you have also been fighting against other world powers physically. Why don’t you go ahead to conquer them spiritually. Don’t try to suppress your opponents and don’t find faults with their religions; just try to push yourself forward through the fairest possible means of arguments. ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Get rid of types of small or big corruption from your people. It is not the eloquence and oratory of your scholars that can impress them; it is rather the logic and argument that can easily convince the people of all other religions to embrace Islam. Why are you using force to suppress others, use your minds to grasp the hearts of others and become a part of the process of bringing Islam (peace) in this world?

Why don’t you preach Islam to the Muslims first most of which have submerged into the mire of dire types of corruptions (including short measure, adulteration, nepotism, bribe, interest, lie, injustice, deception, illegal sexual relations, drinking, and so on)? Why don’t you argue with them first to adopt the ultimate path of truth (Islam) before going to non-believers?


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