Afghan people expect more than government can deliver: Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah

NEW YORK: Afghanistan’s chief executive officer Abdullah Abdullah says the Afghan people have expected much more than the new unity government has been able to deliver.

Abdullah, whose job duties are similar to a prime minister in the power-sharing government, spoke to VOA Afghanistan service at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He admitted that the National Unity Government has not clearly communicated to the Afghan people about what he called “harsh realities” — the challenges they face from poverty and the threat from Islamic terrorists.

Attacks from the Taliban have grown and Islamic State is starting to take advantage of the leadership dispute among the Taliban.

But Abdullah said the government has so far achieved mixed success. Despite a contested presidential election that put the country in political limbo for months last year, Abdullah said the Afghan people have a revived confidence in the political process and the government.

The international community did not abandon Afghanistan as a partner as many Afghans feared would happen, and Abdullah said for every one bomb that explodes in Afghanistan, five are confiscated.

Abdullah spoke at the Agenda for Sustainable Development conference at the U.N. in New York Saturday. He said Afghanistan has made considerable progress in equality and education for women, and that the child mortality rate is down.

He also appealed to Chinese leaders to use their influence with Pakistan to make an honest contribution towards restoring a full peace to Afghanistan.


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