Students of Agriculture University Peshawar laud the security measures of govt

PESHAWAR, Feb 03 (INP): Students of the University of Agriculture Peshawar have appreciated the decision of the federal government to build the boundary wall around the university premises for ensuring the safety of students, teachers and staff, terming this a remarkable and positive step towards peace and progress.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, student’s students’ body of Agriculture University said that the national agenda for promoting education and providing security to the educational institutions must be joint responsibility of the federal and provincial governments putting aside the political affiliations.

The University of Agriculture Peshawar is a prime and only Agriculture university in the KPK province, and the university students, in the past, had appealed to the provincial government a number of times that the university, which is geographically located at the extreme North-West of the greater campus constituting University of Peshawar, University of Engineering & Technology, Islamia College University, Khyber Medical College and Pakistan Forest Institute, without any boundary wall, could be a potential target by the terrorists. Few years back, Prof. Dr. Ajmal Khan, Vice Chancellor of the Islamia College University, Peshawar was also kidnapped from the same area.

Initially, the provincial government of KP had agreed to share just 29% of the construction cost but Federal Minister for Planning & Development, Ahsan Iqbal, according to media reports, had announced that federal government would bear 100% cost of worth Rs 239 million for the construction of boundary wall around the Agriculture University Peshawar and its allied facilities, along with the installation of security cameras and solar electrification of the boundary wall.


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