A Controversial decision

Supreme Court

Once again the Apex Court has handed down an extremely controversial decision that affects the wild life’s protection in Pakistan. We should not expect any relief in this case. The Court has lifted the ban on the hunting of Houbara Bustard reversing its earlier decision to impose the ban on this activity. The Court has banned the hunting o the bird due to the threat of its extinction in August 2015. It is listed as the endangered species.

We not only criticize this decision but also lament the loss of this beautiful bird for the hobby of Roy Princes of foreign countries. The government should regulate such extravagant sport at the altar of the national interest. Instead, it issues licenses to kill the birds for some monetary gains. We must launch a vigorous protest against the lecherous authorities who promote such activities in the land of Pure and pollutes our ecological system.

I would ask the Parliament to make laws banning the hunting of endangered species including Houbara bustard. It will be attending to people’s business and environmental concerns. We will not lay down our claims and let the outsider elite to deprive us of our rights. It is our right to protect our animal kingdom and gifts of the God. These birds & plants are gifts of nature, and we must let the plunderers know that we are a proud nation & knows how to protect our environment. It is our pristine duty to preserve our natural beauty as Muslims & as a nation.

It is correct that our institutions do not work, and ignore our national interests. Houbara bustard is our national pride. We cannot let the Arabian princes feet away with the murder of our birds. Just look at the beauty of this elegant bird. Anyone would fall in love with it. The Court has compromised its position. We must ask this question what & who made them change their minds. This decision is vulnerable to many defects. Who sold the conscience for some monetary gain? We respect our Judiciary, but we cannot compromise our national interest for others sake or entertainment.

Where are the Social Justice and National Pride? Justice has been denied in this case. I hope the conservationists will continue their struggle against the hunters and their allies in the cause. I have no hesitation in expressing my views even if mounts to contempt of any one. Long live houbara bastard.


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