Call to promote interfaith harmony to tackle growing intolerance in society

HYDERABAD: Speakers have highlighted the need to promote interfaith harmony to tackle growing intolerance in society. They were speaking seminar on interfaith harmony and non-Muslim marriage bill organized by Sindh Rural Partners Organization. Speaking at the occasion, educationist Dr. Qamar Wahid said that majority should respect rights of the minority. She stated that minority rights are an integral part of the constitution of the country which needs to be implemented. She regretted that due to the nonexistence of law on registration of marriage, non-Muslims faces plethora of problems. She emphasized that through education attitude changes could be brought in society. She added that religion should not be used to make experiments and tolerance need to be cultivated to promote interfaith harmony. Prof. Noor Ahmed Janjhi said that Sindh has remained the center of peace and interfaith harmony in sub-continent. He said that social system needed to be revived for the promotion of interfaith harmony. He highlighted the need to acknowledge the diversity of people living in the country with various religions. Writer Arbab Nek Mohammad said that positive aspects of society must be projected so that minorities should feel a sense of security. He added that all citizens are equal and without discrimination rights must be ensured by the state. Social activist Nasir Ali Panhwar said that communities must stand together to explore and celebrate their common history, culture and heritage, rather than religious differences. He said that civil society can play a vital role in bringing together various segments of society for the peaceful and prosperous country. He added that extremism and terrorism could be tackled with interfaith harmony. Journalist Sohail Sangi said that media must play a role in highlighting issues of minorities and highlight role models of interfaith harmony. However, he regretted that media has limitations, and investigative journalism is not being practiced. Activist Radha Bheel said that non-Muslims face much discrimination in their daily life. She said that due to poverty minorities are unable to improve their quality of life. Ross Mehtani, Afroze Chohan, Rafiq Leghari, Juman Menghwar, Lina Khalid, Khalid Pervez Bhatti, Sher Mohammad Solangi, Salahuddin Kaka, Ghulam Hyder Birhmani and others also spoke on the occasion.


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