Hitting six is also a boundary, Mr. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

MUMBAI: Do all present-day international cricketers know the terminology of the game they play ?

Not sure, but Virat Kohli, the captain of the India’s Test team is “unaware” about the definition of a boundary.

“I cannot hit big sixes, so I focus on boundaries”, Kohli, now playing in Asia Cup, said in a press-conference in Bangladesh on Tuesday.

During his 12-ball stay at the Mirpur wicket in the opening match against Bangladesh to-day, Kohli hit one 4-run boundary.

Apparently, he sees fours only as boundaries but “forgot” to realize that a six hit by the batsman is also called as boundary.

“A boundary is the scoring of four or six runs from a single delivery with the ball reaching the boundary of the field. Occasionally there is an erroneous use of the term boundary as a synonym for a “four”. For example, sometimes commentators say such as “There were seven boundaries and three sixes in the innings.” The correct terminology would be “There were ten boundaries in the innings of which seven were fours and three were sixes”, Wikipedia has defined the term boundary.

“Boundary is a shot by the batsman that sends the ball across the boundary. As a general rule, a ball reaching the boundary scores four runs and one that crosses it without bouncing scores six”, “The Dictionary of Cricket” (By Michael Rundell) has said in this book.

The relevant portion of MCC’s Law 19 . 5 (b & c) (Boundaries) says: the allowances for boundaries shall be 6 runs if the ball having been struck by the bat pitches beyond the boundary, but otherwise 4 runs. These shall be described as a Boundary 6 and a Boundary 4 respectively.


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