CJ remarks and Court cases

Letter to the Editor

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has recently made a statement in which he has claimed that 60% of the cases heard by the superior judiciary are due to incompetence and mismanagement of Government institutions.

Might I remind him that it is the superior judiciary that have given “stay orders” to many convicted Government employees, including Federal ministers and parliamentarians, that has allowed them to continue working in the Government jobs for many years, even after it was proven in the lower courts that their degrees or documents were fake, they were involved in corruption and criminal cases. It is due to these court stay orders that incompetent workers continue to work in government offices.

Similarly I would like to remind the respectable CJ that it was the Court orders that reversed the sale of Pakistan Steel Mills in 2006 and it was due to this reason that PSM has rendered more than 500 million rupees loss to the Government of Pakistan, every year since 2006, totaling to 5 billion loss for Pakistan till date.

There are similar thousands of examples where the Judiciary has failed to provide justice to the masses. In my personal experience, I have been told by a lower court Judge that they cannot take action against any government office, while at the same time I have observed government employees ignoring court orders and contempt notices, with the remark that no Judge can do anything to us.

With such an atmosphere, I feel it is incorrect to blame the government employees for high number of court cases, because if the ex-CJ, during his tenure, can convict a sitting PM of Pakistan and complete all the cases against his children, but he was not able to complete other cases or even take action on his own Suo Moto notices (Mukhtar Mia Rape suo moto), shows the unprofessional attitude of higher judiciary, which has created the current situation in Pakistan.

Engr Shahryar Khan Baseer,


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