Einstein Doesn’t Make Sense


The picture above you see is the theory given by Albert Einstein, the great scientist of all times. He gave us the space-time theory which was quite good and appealing to the laws of physics. Space-time made us believe in the theory of trampoline and a large mass dipping into it. But there is something that I realized isn’t making sense. Firstly, there is no reference point in the space then how come we imagine a trampoline in space. Secondly, if time is constant in space which is true because we do not age in space then how can a large mass create distortion in space-time. Time is an independent factor, it doesn’t depend on any factor (especially in space). Thirdly, if for say we believe there is trampoline in space then are there millions of sheets of it? Because the position of planets is not same, we cannot expect all planets to dip in one trampoline. Fourthly, why the only planet is dipping into it? What about the meteorites? Or other things that just fly in space and not dip into anything. Like they have mass too, why don’t they make distortion in space-time?I believe space is still, time there is still. When the big bang theory happened, it was the only change that happened in space. The changes that happened inside of the planets is something else because there Time is changing, there we had gravity.  We do not know space beginning or ending then how can we imagine its single part to have trampoline kind thing that pulls earth down and makes it to move in orbit, I cannot get it.  I am truly speaking on the basis of common sense and I do not fully disagree with the theory but still, there are these questions that need explanation. Furthermore, in space there is no mass bigger than Sun, so do we use the same trampoline theory for sun too? I think, Not! Because Sun is too big to penetrate trampoline or distortion it can make. I believe Space is much bigger than a trampoline and we have a lot to discover.


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