Humaima Malick’s take on Leisure Leagues

Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick has always been seen participating and reaching out far beyond the entertainment industry’s domain and advocating for socially active and responsible causes. Being a vocal advocate for women’s rights, running campaigns on social media and giving a voice to those women who have none, she has been involved with the Women Protection Bill passed by the Punjab Governmnet. Humaima has also been an active member of the SeedOut campaign and has been an ambassador for change for the organisation which helps poverty stricken people become entrepreneurs.

This time around Humaima has unloved herself in the endorsement of Leisure Leagues, a one of a kind initiative brought to Pakistan by the Trunkwalas and World Group that brings Pakistan home. Humaima, being the most feminine of females has taken up the responsibility to motivate both male and female football players but female ones in particular defying all rigid gender roles and perceptions of feminine stardom


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