AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 Review: Extend Partitions Safely

AOMEI Partition Assistant

We all have our computers perfectly mapped out the way we want them to, but there often comes a time when you need to move things around. Sometimes you need to make a little extra space in another disk, or partition a disk to organize your data better. Whatever your reasons for partitioning may be, the best way to do it is through a partition tool. You will find a lot of options for such tools on the internet, but not all of them are useful, and most are not reliable. One tool that you can rely on, however, is the AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3m which you can get from free partition manager.

Developed by AOMEI Technology, the AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 does exactly what the name suggests; allows you to partition your disks however you want. Unlike the traditional Windows Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 allows you to extend your partitions even if there is no un-allocated space behind it. The partitioning services provided by the freeware include: creating, deleting, formatting, and wiping partitions, allocating free space, the resizing, merging, splitting and moving of partitions, copying and recovering disks and partitions, and so much more.

Available on all Windows Operating Systems, the freeware added a new feature with the latest update; Integrate to Recovery Environment. This feature lets you add the AOMEI Partition Assistant to your system’s current recovery environment, making the whole process of partitioning easier. Another feature added to the software is the “Windows to Go Creator”. Previously, only Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 could be installed on USB flash drive or other removable disks. However, with this new feature, you can install Windows 7 through this method as well. In addition to these features and the partitioning services, the AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 lets you optimize your disks and systems.

What makes the software even better is its accessibility and easy-to-use interface; you can make the software do exactly what you need without needing to know much about computers or software. Furthermore, since the software is offered in multiple languages, anyone in the world can use it without having to go through the struggle of language barriers. Overall, AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 is the perfect tool for when you need to manage your disks efficiently and easily.


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