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This is a step by step guide to access the account. A lot of people find the link between AT&T and SBC intriguing but this guide will clear all confusions and even explain how to access your account remotely login is a part of mail and every time you search for it you are directed to the login page for Yahoo mail.  For the account holders to login to their accounts they have to go through the Yahoo mail page for login. This is because page is reachable by Yahoo due to a recent partnership between Yahoo and AT&T internet services. Once you are on the login page you have to enter your AT&T ID, password and email address and you can open your account to manage all your emails.

Relationship between, Yahoo and AT&T:

SBC was previously known as the Southwestern Bell Company but since 2005 after rebranding it is only known as SBC.  SBC bought AT&T in 2005 and decided to use its brand name since it was more famous. This is how the company was now branded as AT&T. AT&T’s relationship with Google deteriorated and they decided to move all their webmail clients to Yahoo. However, before all of this happened some people had already registered for the SBC legacy email addresses so these users were the first one to be moved to AT&T. In result of this users have to first go to the login page to access their accounts. This connection may seem very confusing for a layman however for the account holders it is pretty simple not all of them appreciate it though.

Step by Step guide:

  • Step 1: A user has to go to Yahoo’s login page or a user can simply go to the and find the option for the sign in. by signing in the user would be directed to the login page. So it’s the same thing
  • Step2: In the second step the user has to enter the AT&T ID or the email.
  • Step3: the final step is very easy. User only has to click on sign on or press the enter button on keyboard.

SBC global account can also be remotely accessed. It means that you reach your account other than your own personal computer. So once you go to the and select the option that is labeled as mail you have to find the option ‘Are you away from home’ and select it. Now on the right-hand side of the email address window you can locate a drop down box where you have to check the option ‘’. Next is the usual login procedure where a user enters his or her email and password then sign in. Now you can delete, read, compose, save any of your emails through your account. However, you have to ensure one thing as a user that once you are done with the work you have to log out your account since the device (phone or computer) you are using to access your global account is not your own.


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