Small Cities are Best Destinations for Ecommerce Growth in Pakistan

The e-commerce industry is going through an ever-growing stage. Just like the way it has influenced the entire globe, it has a massive impact on Pakistani online marketing world. It doesn’t confine to the developed cities, but the small ones also qualify for the potential of e-commerce growth. How can there be a potential for e-commerce business in the underdeveloped countries, despite the fact they aren’t advanced technologically? This is what the post is all about. Stick around to know!

  1. No Need to Travel

The small cities have shabby roads and hardly have a few shopping malls. They have to travel miles and miles of distance to buy a mundane item and it’s such a trouble for them. In such circumstances, having an opportunity of ordering things online and receiving them at doorsteps is everything people need. Therefore, people living in such areas prefer buying things online and enjoy it a lot. Since the Internet access isn’t a problem anymore in such areas, it has become easy for them to order things online and enjoy shopping.

  1. Saves Them Money

Most of the people living in small cities belong to the lower class and they can’t afford a luxurious life. They do not have enough money to spend on branded clothing and accessories. However, this isn’t an issue anymore because the online markets provide economical solutions. The e-commerce business has made it possible for the lower class to wear branded items and enjoy the luxuries of an upper class.

  1. Provides Convenience

Since the Internet access is not a problem anymore no matter how big or small a city is, people living in underdeveloped countries can shop easily online. It’s convenient for them, that’s why they opt for it. All they need to do is browse through trusted online store such as GetNow and Homeshopping, order their products, and wait for a few days to receive it.

How Much Do Small Cities Contribute to the Overall Revenue?

The above-mentioned are the reasons why residents of small cities in Pakistan prefer buying things online rather than going to the conventional brick and mortar shopping. If we look at the other side of the picture, we can see it clearly that it brings a lot of revenue to the e-commerce business. The potential for growth is a way more than it was a decade ago because of the inclination of the residents of small cities towards the online shopping. It has already bought a massive amount of profit, which is expected to be continued in the coming years. In Pakistan, the e-commerce growth revenue will reach up to six billion by the year 2020 i.e. just two years ahead. The small cities are contributing up to a great extent to this figure because of the obvious reasons they have. Putting the scenario in simple words, the rural areas are as much interested in online shopping as the urban areas in Pakistan. Therefore, the overall profit of the e-commerce businesses comprises of the 50% shares of small and big cities.


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