Gree Signs Landmark Project in America

Gree ACs provide Complete BTUs for Complete Cooling

Lahore: 18th April, 2018 – GREE Electric a global leader in AC manufacturing has recently signed a landmark deal to establish a Gree PV multi VRF unit at the sales headquarters of Phoenix Mart in Arizona, America. In order to cope with energy and environmental problems, Gree has been actively explored the combination of new energy and air conditioner, thus Gree PV air conditioner was developed. This project is a milestone for Gree Electric in terms of establishing the largest PV air conditioning project in America and currently in the world. Phoenix Mart which has a floor area of 600,000 square meters utilized the Gree PV air conditioner which has a total cooling capacity of over 4,200 refrigeration tons. It adopts over 1,200 sets of air conditioning equipment, and installed capacity of PV panel is over 6.7 megawatts. Gree PV air conditioner adopts PV direct-driven technology. The air conditioning system can directly use the direct current generated from PV panel, which was initially developed in the industry. It can save at least 10% energy loss compared with traditional mode of PV panel and dc-to-ac converter. The Gree’s 2nd generation PV multi VRF unit that was chosen in this project is an integrated PV multi VRF unit, which has five operating modes and can adapt to different operational environments by adjusting the function to select power generation, power consumption and power supply to the public power grid.It has an integrated combining box, dc-to-ac converter and related technologies to greatly reduce the installation cost and save space. The dc-to-ac converter is installed inside the air conditioner, thus there is no need to conduct daily maintenance. At present, Gree has established 5,000 sets of PV systems in 22 countries and regions globally. Based on the PV air conditioning system, Gree further upgrades the whole program of power supply and power consumption, and promotes the construction of a new networking energy world.. As a specialized air conditioner manufacturer, GREE has been constantly striving to deliver quality products and advanced technology. GREE owns more than 3,000 patents and has developed 20 product categories, with 400 series, and 7,000 models for both residential and commercial users in order to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Innovation and creativity have always been a priority for GREE as a pioneer in developing and producing the GMV VRF system, centrifugal water chiller and sine wave DC inverter air conditioner, which established GREE’s reputation as a trend setter in the air conditioning industry.


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