Red chilli adulterator caught red handed in Lahore

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: The provincial food regulatory body has shut four food businesses and charged 78 food business operators with heavy fine tickets over filthy conditions and non-compliance with the instructions of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA), on Friday.

The food safety teams of the PFA conducted an operation on large-scale against unhygienic food processing units with an aim to ensure the provision of hygiene food in Punjab including provincial metropolis.

A team of PFA led by Food Safety Officer raided Mahar Shakeel grinding unit in Johar Town and sealed it for producing adulterated food products, the presence of washroom in the production area and for failing to produce food license and medical certificates of its workers. Meanwhile, raiding team confiscated 2,900kg adulterated pepper and 1,700kg harmful species during raid.

In another raid on Yaqoob Snack in Mishri Shah, PFA sealed it owing to use rancid oil, an abundance of insects and for selling coloured snacks which prepared with the harmful ingredients. Besides, the PFA team sealed a Mohsin Pan Shop for selling gutka which sale is strictly prohibited in Punjab. Further, a team of PFA paid a surprise visit to Fuji Tika in Ghaziabad and sealed it immediately for using inferior quality food articles in the preparation of BBQ as well, the poor hygiene and nasty environment.

On the other hand, the PFA enforcement team punished a Zakir Tika in Paragon City with Rs15,000 fine ticket due to improper cleanliness arrangements. Moreover, PFA imposed Rs12,000 fine on Haji Restaurant at Zirar Shaheed Road, Rs4,000 fine on Malmo Bakers, Rs10,000 fine on Mama Sweets, Rs22,000 fine on Unitied confectionary and 72 other outlets. Fine was imposed due to the presence of expired food products, preserved food in the rusted freezer, not to covered goods properly and for using non-food grade colour.

PFA’s watchdogs served notices for improvement on 188 food points.


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